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The Breakfast Covers “Terrapin Station” In High Energy Hartford Performance

first_imgLoad remaining images In Hartford, CT last Friday, The Breakfast got together for a kickass show at Arch Street Tavern for long time fans, as well as new ones who’ve never been exposed to their jams before. The Breakfast consists of Tim Palmieri on guitar, Jordan Giangreco on keys, Adrian Tramontano on drums, and Chris DeAngelis on bass. Supporting artist, Mammal Dap, opened the evening and wowed the audience with their psychedelic tones, reminiscent of Lotus and with touches of Umphrey’s McGee influences. Tightly crafted melodies, with an 80’s throwback inflection, hung heavy throughout their set. These guys definitely brought energy to the house, prepping what was to come with The Breakfast.Right out of the gate, the main event got underway, blasting into an extended jam session, heating up the venue as temperatures dipped below freezing outside. The Breakfast’s late night set was jam-packed with auditory goodies. Trippy keys took the audience into another plane. Deep bass tickled at the eardrums while guitar flowed in and out with healthy vibes during “Pygmy Twylyte.” A playful back and forth musical dance opened up as “Tribal Funk Affliction” rolled along, before taking the flow into “Metropolis.” The band was visibly having fun with the extended jams they were throwing out to the crowd.Giangreco took charge of vocals on a double dose of Pink Floyd as the band took off with  “Brain Damage” before melding into the expected “Eclipse” for a clean flow. The second half of the set, the band was undoubtedly loosened up. DeAngelis was tearing it up on bass during “Gladys Pimp And Kangaroos With Me,” creating delicious low tones stacked with mind-expanding vibes, while Palmieri cranked out trippy guitar. Kaleidoscopic keys weaved their way in and out of the bass and guitar tones, playfully intertwining with the free spirited musical energy.Teasing the audience into thinking “Wildpack of Asscracks” would be the closer, many fans in the crowd busted into a surprising mosh pit towards the end of the tune. Then out of the hat, they pulled another song, ending the night with “Terrapin Station.” Check out the full audio from the evening below.For more information on The Breakfast, head over to their Facebook page.Setlist: The Breakfast | Arch Street Tavern | Hartford, CT | 3/3/17Set: Tunage* > Pygmy Twylyte > Tribal Funk Affliction > Metropolis > Tribal Funk Affliction, Wake Up In A Coma > Great Big Fiery Ball In The Sky, Brain Damage** > Eclipse** > Gladys Pimp And Kangaroos With Me > Tribal Funk Affliction, Wildpack Of AsscracksE: Terrapin Station****unfinished**last time played 3/19/2011***last time played 6/19/2010Cover photo credit: MKDevoWords and Photos by Sarah BourqueSetlist courtesy of simpletwistupdon.  Audio courtesy of skiprince for The Breakfast.last_img read more

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