Month: November 2017

Chen Youyou love Shanghai how the weight rise Taobao guest article

from my old domain name has a new station on the line less than a month, Shanghai love weight value directly from 2 soared to 4, this is very gratifying, because when love Shanghai.

3. love Shanghai how to improve the weight value of the fastest

1. old domain name how to love the old station in Shanghai to leave a good impression of

many friends do not know how to increase the chain, in fact, the chain increased more than on their own but by others, as I write the original article was published in A5, reproduced is certainly not in the minority. This method should be according to the increase of the chain method best. But many people don’t write, you need to increase the use of labor and tools to complete the foreign chain, such as the use of the forum message, blog group built group, Witkey please people posting on the forum message I did, 10000 as long as 200 yuan, I usually find 10 people out of 20 yuan per person, then get yourself 5 articles, with 10 sites in each article, everyone to think to the format of the article, how to write will not be deleted, I do not speak here, we all play thinking, this method is very good, very safe. The second is the blog group built, stand by the blog marketing software, registered blog through the major portals, daily published an article can accumulate, this method is very good, every time. As for Witkey please post, for better financed friends. read more

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360 more people to search again to update the webmaster

Webmaster Station 360 Spider climb is not diligent, can use this tool to modify the spider crawling frequency!

function is very good, once the website source, or delete some pages, causing the site’s page generated 404, will not be friendly to search engines, so we have to submit the death!

spiders crawl frequency management

today Huang Kunru practices concern about 360 Webmaster Platform, Webmaster Platform once again updated the two new features found! Step by step is really love Shanghai ah, have to say, 360 search is also very impressive! Because of this, Huang Kun I am concerned about every day 360! Then introduce the two functions under the 360 update! read more

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