Month: April 2017

Fast food stores need to pay attention to what the whole location

fast food restaurant is currently subject to the attention of the store, our life can not be separated from the fast food restaurant, then if you want to open a fast food restaurant, the site should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

fast food stores in the target address on the choice of business, a fast food franchise down consumer groups, it is not difficult to find in sales to women as the main object, it is necessary to pay attention to female shopping orientation, concentrated commercial street and shopping malls, which are targeted for location. How fast food store location? Because those places to choose more goods, and most of them are impulsive consumption, optimistic about the purchase is also a female shopping psychology. read more

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Five reasons for the failure of the catering industry

catering industry has been one of the most popular in the Chinese market, but also the most lucrative, the most profitable industry. In China, every day tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants opened, there are tens of thousands of hotels and restaurants close, almost every business owner has a good vision of their own restaurants, but the actual operation is very different. We summarize the main reasons for the failure of the catering business:

night blindness

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nvestment dotey Chuanchuan Xiang new business opportunities Era

as everyone knows, the modern chowhound were all extremely delicious special snack preference, as a string of fragrant flavor is tasted, the market prospect is very broad, dotey string of fragrant taste delicious, is a lot of entrepreneurs is very reliable in the low investment brand.

Learn the essence of traditional

dotey Chuanchuan Xiang delicacy, and on the basis of continuous improvement, but also a combination of modern consumer tastes, with dozens of Chinese herbal medicines and elaborate, can bring different people to enjoy delicious, naturally welcome. read more

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Business Home Furnishing decoration stores need to pay attention to what the whole

we operate in home decoration stores, there are a lot of time to be able to better learning, these are very important for everyone. There are many after all we should pay attention to when the daily operation, so we in business Home Furnishing decoration, if we can learn how to say, so in the business when they are better able to sell. Xiao Bian for us to do some simple introduction.

first try to see a bit: prospective customers want to buy your product, but also no confidence in the product, the operation of home decoration stores need to do? Can recommend that the other party to try a little bit to see. As long as you have confidence in the product, although the beginning of a limited number of orders, but after the trial satisfactory, it may give you a large order. This "try to see" technique can also help prospective customers decide to buy. read more

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Entrepreneurs to invest in matters needing attention

in many of the venture to join the project, relatively speaking, the threshold is relatively low to join the venture entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs easier. And the prospects are better, and therefore attract a large number of entrepreneurs. But now, many catering franchise market opportunists, dragons and fishes jumbled together, therefore, Qin town pork rice stores and you share some matters needing attention in the catering franchise.

1. join the club threshold:

If you join the

threshold of a franchise is very low, there is no requirement, as long as you pay the cost of joining can join and business, this situation must think twice, in fact it basically can be said to be a name to sell business, franchisees have almost no professional training, technology and management personnel and financial support. read more

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Operating textile stores need methods – what kind of whole

home textile fabric store by everyone’s favorite, if you want to open a home textile cloth store, then, need to pay attention to the method, so open the store need what method? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, we want to help.

in the home textile fabric industry, we must first improve the quality of the staff. To select and train a group of polite, civilized, professional, dedicated sales force. What are the methods of operating home textile stores? Because consumers are God, their urgent need for shopping brings spiritual and material enjoyment, especially the feeling of being respected. So the clerk must be low body, polite and warm, thoughtful service. In particular, pay attention to their behavior, can not pull down the image of service and brand. read more

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Guy 500 yuan started selling online wealth barbecue

The success of the

lies in the constant search for a way, rather than in the face of setbacks, choose to be discouraged. In many successful entrepreneurs who, with the same quality, and constantly find market opportunities, explore the way to tap the market is the best way to succeed in business. Next, Xiaobian take you with a guy 500 yuan started selling online barbecue wealth story.

on the roadside a charcoal stove, put some meat and vegetables, a barbecue has become. But after a 80 boys Li Ye has made a new pattern, the barbecue stalls on the net. One day in October 2008, Li Ye at home to help his father take care of the barbecue business, "the day in my mind a sudden idea, why not put the grill to online?" said, Li Ye began creating his barbecue shop network. read more

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