Free resources of APP application store

want to make a APP become a concern and the success of the product is not so easy to imagine, it needs to be tested by the user and the market in order to eventually succeed. From the product itself, now the development of a APP, especially Android APP may be as long as a few months can on-line, but the promotion of products is a process, but just for the entrepreneurial team, funds may be relatively scarce, this time if the free resources can use some of the APP app store can accelerate product the promotion to a certain extent.

first, the use of personal connections to get free resources recommended. A lot of people will be the APP app store promotion is paid, this is certainly true, but there are also free app store promotion resources, because in addition to some commercial resources, there will still be some free APP application promotion resources to high quality, because in addition to store charges money, also want to record the user, otherwise all charges will affect the user experience, this is the millet mobile phone while the exterior is propaganda official website direct sales, no other channels, but there is a shortcut is to buy F code channel, APP app store is the same with a few exceptions, it is a free resource recommendation, here to get these free APP recommended resources, needs to have some connections, after some recommendations can bring a lot of traffic to your APP.

second, the use of the new emerging app store free resources. With the continuous development of mobile Internet, APP application store will be more and more, has become a brand and have a certain degree of visibility, of course, there are some upcoming and APP application store is being launched. It should be noted that these emerging APP application store in the early days of the initial lack of application resources, so you can use this period to push your APP. At the beginning, the new on-line APP app store may have free extension services, this is the same at the beginning of the site navigation, certainly not many web resources, until a certain period of time will continue to charge or strict business model. In addition, the audit mechanism of some of the new on-line APP application store will be relatively perfect, you submit the APP application will be more easily through it, and Taobao as the shop when the relatively simple, but now all kinds of certification and online examination is the same reason.

third, the use of APP application store specific module resources. Many APP applications store will be divided into modules corresponding resources, such as the most popular, the latest and most popular, for example, an application store is a "new application" module, if the application of resources in the app store in the module above is not much, then you can contact with related work personnel, reach the relevant aspects of the negotiations, the other in the case of lack of resources and low local promotion of your APP application.

fourth, the free use of APP app store. Many APP application stores will be in double 11, >

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