Short video operation third bomb short video of the 5 entrepreneurial team to jump pit


light rain in the first two articles were written, the first step in the short video content Entrepreneurship: select the appropriate channels to get into and short video operations of the second bomb: how to quickly set up efficient short video team. Get a lot of care short video industry and a friend made a short video of praise, the message said, his team is just short of innovation, relates to the video industry soon, want to know after the team construction should pay attention to what the place. It will rain today, for the friends of the doubt, talk to me where the "color God skill" along the way the team stepped on the pit, looking back, full of bitter tears! We told some just entering the wise remark of an experienced person, a short video, a short video of entrepreneurial team is not far I hope to give you some help,


pit one: the direction of the team selected, video production on the efficient


we all know that the short video entrepreneurial team, the beginning of our team to do the video set a general direction. We are doing life video, video or video technology, etc.. This general direction will be determined in the early stages of team creation, our team is also. At the beginning of the time to make a short video production, the domestic short video has not been so popular now, we will search a number of foreign short video channel research, to see what the video is more popular and we like to play high. Later, after the investigation on the YouTube, we found that the amount of live video playback is relatively high, which prompted the team to determine the direction of video creation – life class.

1, why step on the definition of the content of the direction of the pit?

when the direction is determined, we started looking for a life theme video shoot, our team first thought is for consumer products with high added value of science topics, involving all aspects of life. For example: to help you choose the right electric toothbrush, how to help you choose the electric iron and so on, these need to consider some of the product parameters of consumer goods. But then we found that the cost of a video needs to be relatively large; to complete a video cycle will be longer. Finally, the video playback data on the playing platform is not very ideal. Video production and output is not proportional to the content of the direction we think it is not suitable at the early stage of the team, not to say that the content has no value, but may need to use other forms, but it also means to pay more costs, so I give up. So sometimes we just started YY is better, but in the implementation of the problem will encounter all aspects.

Because the

issued the first and second articles, some are ready to enter this industry who will find the rain rain and chat, and some say that we should do in the direction will be more, and want to do interviews, and want to do entertainment. At the beginning with a point to understand the entire process and expenditure and then expand may be better, or else we will step on the pit.

2, how to avoid the most effective step on the pit it?

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