Spoiler! 2017 new marketing opportunities – Tencent video P marketing prospects

compared with 2015, just past 2016 is a small IP network drama, a large number of fine IP will again in 2017 the explosive release, for those eager to content marketing advertisers, this is a good news.


IP, the content of marketing cost with IP price rises, in the boutique IP outbreak this year, how to find the suitable IP content itself? How to improve marketing efficiency and input-output ratio of IP? IP in the quality of the content at the same time, how to do the fine IP marketing and operations? These problems become the main challenge test of advertising the.

popular IP advertising industry is almost the entire target of marketing. "Ghost blows to Jingjue city" as an example, just released in late 2016, it was more than a dozen advertisers berserk, especially video Tencent launched the "egg" egg yolk advertisement "advertising" and other innovative forms of advertising marketing, has become the focus of contention. This phenomenon of "supply exceeds demand" laid the hot tone of IP marketing in 2017.

high quality IP has strong vitality

in essence, IP marketing is a migration of traffic, from the platform to the content, and then from the content to the brand, through the realization of low-cost, cross platform and acceleration of communication. This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of IP marketing.

fight for the IP, but also shows the head effect. On the one hand, IP is one of the few high quality demand; on the other hand, a large number of long tail No one shows any interest in IP.

quality IP itself has a strong vitality, with the advantages of vertical extension. High quality IP marketing can be linked to a point, across different areas to form a chain effect, or even the geometry of the outbreak of the situation.

to BAT, for example, for high-quality IP contention, manufacturing and storage is still the theme of 2017 content marketing. Tencent in 2017 to promote high-quality video resources, has released more than 30 popular high-quality IP, when small anticipation will definitely the year 2017 explosion appeared below three is the priority among priorities.


"ghost chuideng yellow leather grave"


the "Temple" Genting Tomb of the


There is

14 years TVB hit show "second" the Apostle Walker "apostle Walker 2"


Tencent in 2017 many super IP video resources, almost all science fiction, fantasy, adventure, espionage, crossing and other major hot topics, in addition to the above mentioned, there are "2", Wu Xin the monster killer "dream", the classic spy novelist of Qing Mai’s "wind", now where the "Wu kongzhuan", Asia’s first science fiction "Liu Cixin’s body", will be the 2017 classic IP>

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