How to do network marketing promotion

in recent years, because people tend to choose the occupation interest, in school learning can not adapt to social changes, and various training institutions have increased rapidly, skill training, knowledge of training, but with the increase of the number of training institutions in the increasingly fierce competition. How to make your training institutions become an independent school in such a "talent shows itself, and brand promotion is the key.

after observation, found that there are some problems in some way of advertising this industry training and education to take at present, while the new marketing mode and is the lack of training and education institutions, so that each brand is exactly the same, did not achieve the effect of new in order to be different:

current advertising methods and problems:

1, outdoor advertising costs, the effect can not be monitored.


keyword ranking 2, burn like water, also do not necessarily work, to prevent the flow into the garbage.

The key of

3, the training and education industry is the brand communication, if the school doesn’t have a very good reputation, word of mouth, it is difficult to recruit students.

4, the lack of marketing leads to word-of-mouth effect can not be carried out on a large scale, there is no large-scale reputation effect.

new marketing solutions (currently there are four categories, and of course more):

, a post game: goal oriented forum to increase the amount collected, 1 with at least 4 people reading.

solve problems:

1, outdoor advertising costs are high, the effect can not be monitored; post to solve regional problems, covering all the local forum.


keyword ranking 2, burn like water, also do not necessarily work.

3, a post, monitor, grasp the potential object message, enhance brand impression.

effect evaluation:

posted the best soft made graphic combination in the form of posting articles can be collected in the competition, each article web link.

through the post game, to the website of the amount collected is rising rapidly, the higher ranked at the same time, through the set of keywords, indirectly enhance the search volume and site visits.

spread to every post 1:4 rate, the impact of the number of over 200 thousand, while the propaganda effect is long-term, as long as I go out was not deleted, influence scope continues, traditional media advertising is more persistent and advantage.

maybe you will say, we have special post ah, but you think about it, how much he can one day, the effect can be compared with the scale of post


two, blog marketing: topic marketing, blog posts.

solve problems:

1, the use of a certain topic to form a word of mouth spread effect, so that the popularity of the school has been widely disseminated;


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