Witkey number exceeded 30 million in the domestic part is still the mainstream

Witkey, generally refers to through the Internet to transfer knowledge, wisdom, experience, their skills into actual income people. The concept first appeared in 2005, after media reports, Witkey groups continue to grow, the number of domestic now has more than 30 million.

and WIK is closely related with the network, flexible work arrangements, so many young people of all ages, more institutions in the last year of the Witkey named "one of the ten most respected fashion occupation 90. Some experts and senior Witkey remind, although more and more people do full-time Witkey part-time now, but is still the mainstream. Do full-time Witkey greater challenge, need to be cautious. The relationship between part-time Witkey also need to adjust their work.

IT, design, website construction, network marketing and other tasks of the most popular

Witkey (Witkey) mode is knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills into new Internet mode of actual revenue through the internet. The main applications include solving science and technology, work, life and learning problems, reflects the Internet Anlaoquchou and with the new concept of human centered. This theory was first proposed by Liu Feng in 2005.

In fact,

is not the original definition of Witkey an occupation, is only an Internet phenomenon, but gradually the Internet to help "answer the questions" become a kind of occupation." First, the theory of Witkey Witkey founder Liu Feng explained, "Witkey is produced to encourage knowledge is valuable: knowledge and skills more wealth will be more."

reporter learned that most of the current through a variety of Witkey Witkey website to find the task, the completion of the transaction. The task category will have hundreds of them, in addition to the design, construction, and other professional legal translation tasks, as well as the words of love, support, apology SMS, queuing, baby etc. the very life of the task.

it is the largest pig eight quit Witkey website vice president Liu Chuanyu introduction, at present, IT design, website construction, network marketing and other categories of tasks is the most popular. There are two ways for Witkey task, is now more customer reward task, took out his plan to bid Witkey, another one is to match customers directly, to complete the task for witkey.

good to take charge as chief of the professional skills of Witkey

"Witkey work is the biggest advantage of fairness: no one here will go to see a person’s qualifications, graduated from school, family background, what is the real thing, with Witkey work ability. But along with the electronic commerce to the development of the service industry, development prospects will be very good witkey." Liu Chuanyu pointed out that "now most of the Witkey is still a part-time job, but also showing a growing trend of full-time witkey. After some Witkey has a certain degree of visibility, but also set up their own studio or the establishment of the company, business. From the age of 80, 90, Witkey accounted for the majority of more than 60%."


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