YAHOO CEO Meijer left the board of directors changed its name to Altaba

today, according to the information submitted by YAHOO, YAHOO CEO Meijer and co-founder David ·, will withdraw from the board of directors, and YAHOO name will become Altaba.


at the same time, leaving the board not only Meijer and Filo, chairman ned · Webb (Maynard Webb) will leave the board of directors, and former chairman of Eddie · Hatton Stein (Eddy Hartenstein), Chad · Hill (Richard Hill) and Jane Xiao Ao (Jane Shaw) ·.


, Broadcom CFO before Eric · Brandt (Eric Brandt) will replace Webb as the new chairman of YAHOO.

since the outbreak of YAHOO’s user data leak incident, YAHOO’s sale of assets so overshadowed, and data breaches can be traced back to 2013, affecting 1 billion accounts.

and Verizon for the acquisition of YAHOO, its executives have hinted that all options are possible, such as renegotiation of the terms, or give up the acquisition.

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