Online credit search platform chaos survey customer information from ten yuan


online credit search platform chaos survey customer information from ten yuan

Li Yan

is a Financial Services Company in recent years, the Internet, online credit search platform fast. In 2011, the "financial 360" and "91 financial supermarket" was first established, net loan also launched last year, "not resigned to playing second fiddle with the Focus Media recently established a comprehensive strategic cooperation.

online credit search platform is the loan needs of individuals, they search through the website of credit products, or registration information, recommended by the website. Upstream is the bank, small loans, guarantees and other financial institutions and their employees, they release loan information, looking for borrowers.

twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter, online credit search platform for the implementation of the downstream borrower free service, the main profit pattern is, in order to obtain customer needs and personal data, and then to the upstream Xindaiyun "sell" profit. In addition to the price tag, and some sites also launched Xindaiyun loan customer information for bidding. The loan officer will transfer the information purchased two times.


survey reporters also found that the credit search platform to recommend the online user credit products, pricing is much higher than the direct consultation banks get product information, some even beyond the statutory private lending interest rate cap.

profit model: selling customer information

reporter to the small loan company loan officer registered "into 360", said a staff member, the site offers two types of business models: one is the standard mode, product registration standard financial company; the other is a bidding model, Xindaiyun self description of product. The former customer information fee fixed, each credit customer information 45 yuan, 100 yuan mortgage customers; the latter information fee from 30 yuan, the highest bidder, credit products display top.

each recommended a customer information, the system will automatically draw the appropriate amount from the account." The staff member said.

it is worth noting that the auction for specific products, does not match the borrower qualification. "Kind of like gambling." Standard Chartered Bank, a customer manager sighed, do not know the borrower’s income situation, credit records, it is necessary to pay the cost of information."

"good credit network" customer service personnel, "good credit" does not provide information of bidding, according to the customer qualification, credit products, the amount of loan, guarantee in different ways, automatically generated by the background of each loan pricing system, customer information pricing at least ten yuan, up to hundreds of yuan.

loan information generally includes customer name, telephone and loan demand three. The loan officer from the online credit search platform to purchase loan customer information, except through the agency for customers to transact business, earn commissions, sometimes two times the information transfer, which is transferred to the company, according to a certain percentage of the loan amount of commission.

due to the different agencies of the business

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