Mo Yan a literature literary community or Strike while the iron is hot.

today, Mo Yan won the Nobel prize in literature has been in the past week, but for the users screaming matter, media comments praise, the local government and officials of the "high position sound" still can be heard without end. For a time, the network has formed Mo Yan works of panic buying micro-blog continue to talk, hot news emerge in an endless stream phenomenon, a strong literary wave struck, could not stop. As China’s traditional cultural heritage of the network platform – the literary community, perhaps through this "Mo Yan hot" to seek new opportunities for development. Chinese poetry network is one of the sites brewing this opportunity.

since October 11th, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Nobel Prize Committee awarded the 2012 Nobel prize for literature China writer Mo Yan, Mo Yan and Mo Yan to discuss our work has never been interrupted, a literary trend is also quietly rising. The Mo Yan winning second days, Jingdong, Dangdang and other electronic business platform and the entity bookstore sold out the works of Mo Yan; "Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature" has become the first topic of discussion only micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent on the topic of micro-blog reached 179200; news and commentary on the matter of each big website is too many to count.

Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize to the Chinese people’s sense of excitement is very strong, resulting in the marginal effect will become more and more prominent, we are very optimistic about this point. On the surface, there is a large difference between the theme of Mo Yan’s works and positioning in the metrical poems forum of Chinese poetry, but also as two branches of China literature category, the link between the two is very close." Chinese poetry network responsible person said.

it is understood that the Chinese poetry network has been established for ten years, always adhere to the "carry forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, the soul of the people adhere to the spiritual home of the station to do the purpose of practice to promote the development of Chinese poetry culture, promote the exchange of information network and the reality of the poet’s poetry circles all over the world, become Chinese poetry enthusiasts circle. The operating principle of relaxation that is a very good example of Chinese inheritance of traditional culture, the literary boom caused by Mo Yan, on the site should be a very good development opportunity.

With the rise of the "

" literature, Chinese culture has been paid more and more attention and is full of opportunities and challenges. Therefore, in the forum operation, on the one hand, we strengthen the related hot topics to guide the discussion, making the user focus; on the other hand, make full text in the forum program, follow the development characteristics of the Internet, strengthen social mobility and convenience of the forum, the use of both these characteristics of the system software to the user X2.5, Discuz! To provide more attentive service. In addition, we adhere to the general direction of national culture, adhere to the principle of independent development, adhere to do not take the road of commercialization."

Analysis of

professionals in the commercial society, Mo Yan’s commercial value and economic effect because of its award-winning soared, related industries with wind rider to provide literature no ground for blame, discussion, literature download site, creating a market opportunity. But in this ride aboard should also be Mgr

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