nternational Olympic Committee agrees with China to shield sensitive websites

British Reuters reported on 30 news, International Olympic Committee chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China, allowing Chinese during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites. Agence France-Presse reported on the same day, International Olympic Committee admitted that China has long been aware of plans to cancel the shielding of sensitive sites. Previously, many international media reported that some sensitive sites cannot log on to foreign journalists in Beijing including the Falun Gong website inside.

Reuters 30 quoted Gosper as saying: "I understand for China, some sensitive content and games related still need to be shielded, but I also believe that the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee should convey a clear message to the international media, as soon as possible that this influence on network access". Agence France-Presse quoted International Olympic Committee spokesman Davies, network International Olympic Committee on media reports often in consultation with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, "they have been clear that some websites have become a problem, and we will try to work with them, may reduce the limit to the lowest level".

30 earlier, Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) and other media quoted the spokesman for the Beijing organizing committee, said Sun Weide, during the Olympic Games, China will provide enough access to the internet. The Agence France-Presse claims that this is "easy enough" to have a gap compared with the promise of China’s Olympic bid to give foreign journalists access to the net. BBC said, Sun Weide confirmed that the reporter will not be in the main press center login is China government banned Falun Gong organization website and similar related websites.

according to the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee official website 30 news, on the same day at a press conference, a reporter on the Falun Gong website was "a question, Sun Weide said," during the Beijing Olympic Games, we will use the Internet to report the Olympic Games to provide sufficient convenience for foreign journalists". "I would like to remind that Falun Gong was China government banned the cult". He went on to say, reporters use the Internet to report the Olympic Games will not be affected, this is our commitment, we have been doing." Foreign journalists have asked whether the use of e-mail and the Internet in the press will be monitored. Sun Weide said: the use of the Internet in MPC policy, are in accordance with the provisions of the International Olympic Committee."

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