On the eve of the mobile nternet giants real anchor board


"tickets" by a circle of senior IT reporter named last year’s fire on Internet Keywords, Internet gangster and brother to competition in the industry downturn situation surfaced. The new year just over a month, the ticket is still hot, different from the previous tasted, with ALI, as a representative of the Tencent giant enterprise opened the adjustment deeper "anchor", the first field on the mobile internet.

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one of the big three Alibaba once again in front of. At the beginning of January this year, the Alibaba will be the original "seven" business group split into 25 division, the division for the first time as an independent wireless image.

to a sales based business Internet Co, wireless business technology driven is undoubtedly a new growth point. But in recent years the development of new products in Alibaba and wireless services, Ali cloud and intelligent mobile phone business has been Ma personally support; Alipay in the last year of the strong promotion of mobile Internet services such as mobile phone quick payment.

from the adjusted personnel and organizational structure, the responsible person in charge of Wu Yongming followed Ma Yun venture "Ali eighteen". Whether it is "China yellow pages (MA the earliest business website)" period, the Alibaba (mainly refers to the earliest B2B business) "period, or later created the" Alipay "period," Mom "and" Amoy "period, Wu Yongming is in" the first person in charge of wireless technology image. Business, it is self-evident.

with the wind is another one of the three giants Tencent. At the end of the month, the Tencent to determine the mobile Internet business group’s personnel and structure adjustment, the original leader Liu Chengmin retired, group chief operating officer Ren Yuxin personally; mobile phone QQ and super QQ raised the social network business group, mobile phone game external cooperation department transferred to the interactive entertainment business group. The new mobile Internet business group (MIG) will focus on browsers, security, search, application platforms and other platforms.

internal sources to adjust the reason is to avoid the Tencent internal resources. From the future development trend, the biggest stimulus adjustment from WeChat, it is not only a strong mobile Internet products, and even said that the Tencent of the leading products is not excessive.

"the sweetness of WeChat to Tencent inspired many, only to get rid of the original business can really rely on innovation, the new mobile Internet business group is trying to develop more dominant products, analysts said.

also smitten and everyone, everyone for the first time in the wireless division form. All mobile end products after the rise in the status of wireless division responsible for the PC business outside (not including all clients, games, video, rice, etc.) to have only one: "everybody outside the company’s original business Killer Products >

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