Small video website suffered Youku video sites such as blocking injured

December 14th, Sohu IT in the regulation of the Internet news, SARFT audio-visual service activities, following the well-known BT website was blocked after the small video industry website to a large number of shared interests and also suffered censorship, thunder, potatoes, Youku and other video sites also lost some traffic and advertising revenue.

small film website


December 13th, after being notified of the station will be closed, the owner Hua Zi (a pseudonym) had to turn off their website. "There is no way, which means that I lost the main source of income per month." Hua Zi said.

and similar to Hua Zi, there are many small run video sites are facing unemployment or transformation of the situation. "The video website industry in innumerable small, in the crackdown, down hundreds of thousands of Web sites is normal." One industry insider said.

before that, in Hua Zi’s view, the video site is definitely a low input, high output of the gold industry". "The free online MAXCMS website template, offers a variety of free tools for collecting the template, using these tools, we can show other video sites on their own websites reproduced video, without taking up their bandwidth and server. In this way, build a video portal, I only need to invest a few hundred dollars a year domain registration fees and space charges can be." Hua Zi said.

according to Sohu IT understand, rely on this model, the webmaster can in a very short period of time to establish a large-scale video sites, and basically do not waste manpower maintenance. And rely on Baidu search SEO and other navigation site traffic input, these sites attract a large number of users, through the online advertising alliance advertising, the owners get a lot of advertising revenue.

"it is no exaggeration to say that almost rely on free way, some of the large flow of video website long a month earn tens of thousands or even more is a piece of cake." A familiar industry webmaster said.

video site affected by

like Domino, like a small video site fell not only make some webmasters sad, but also thunder, Youku, potatoes and other large video sites have been affected." Insiders who do not wish to be named, said.

it is reported that these small video and video sites are usually collected directly reproduced thunder, Youku, Tudou video resources, and this is an important source of large video site traffic and advertising clicks.

had been "stationmaster" magazine as one of the "2008 10 station tool" MAXCMS is one of the most popular video website template program, the data said that 80% of the domestic movie website is built based on MAXCMS. According to the introduction, the full support of the software Youku, Sina, potatoes, 56, six rooms, QQ, youtube and other flv resources acquisition, Antenna HD, Sina HD, HD potatoes, etc.

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