Foam nternet plus and be able to perform wonders the truth really is the economic root


since 2015 NPC and CPPCC government report, "Internet plus" will become the school in the TMT area of investment, the report says Internet plus investment targets, non Internet plus at a time, bubble, stock up the monsters and freaks of all descriptions on the street, such as uncontrollable, regardless of the basic law of value.

there is no doubt that Internet plus is the trend of the market but to represent the general trend, in the face of all kinds of fanaticism, not calm, we must calm down, thinking Internet plus the truth, find the gold bubble.

existing two Internet +

When the first

was put forward by Li Keqiang Internet plus, can be referred to as Li Keqiang +, which is characterized by heavy assets + technology.

read the report of the government can be found, the starting point of Li Keqiang + two main:

is a Internet plus industry, through Internet technology to transform the traditional mode of production, and thus boost the sluggish economy;

two is intended to stimulate the consumption of information, through the transformation of electronic commerce circulation pattern, promote the growth of domestic and external demand, promote social employment.

second is the Internet Co’s future Internet plus, its characteristic is asset light + service.

from the two sessions, mainly divided into two schools:

is a Tencent +, in accordance with Ma Huateng’s connection all the expression, can be understood as QQ and WeChat platform to connect public services, improve social efficiency. They want the government to be able to share data, so that the people through the WeChat to do those things that need to run the government to do (such as WeChat visa), in order to enhance the user’s stickiness.

is a Alibaba, Alibaba has been exporting a concept – cloud computing, like water and electricity, is a necessity for the future of mankind. The purpose is to sell cloud computing, I hope that SMEs, all kinds of organizations and governments at all levels, access their own cloud computing, and thus improve their own big data resources.

and then look carefully, you will find that, regardless of Ali or Tencent, the two companies are actually aiming at a common goal: big data resources. Why? As presented in the CITIC Securities strategy meeting last summer’s point of view: a few years, there will be no what Internet companies, only the data of the enterprise, an enterprise has the data quantity and quality will determine the value of the enterprise.

first, pour a bucket of ice water: four truth

1, the truth: the low level of development of China’s ICT, the Internet penetration rate needs to be improved by

Why not

developed countries about Internet plus is very simple, do not need?. In the United States and the United States and other countries, the Internet and related industries has become one of the most dynamic, one of the largest industries, an important driving force for sustainable economic development. The proportion of the industries in which they are related to their gross domestic product

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