No. in the communication network from the fatal flaw that traffickers



dealers forged university degree certificate, can be false true, through the learning network to identify.


Ministry of Education designated query platform, accused of loopholes.


network screenshot learning information network query part of the information, can not display ID number, photos, etc..


traffickers forged college diploma, you can learn the letter network to identify.


forged academic certificates, the designated website cannot identify true and false; monthly income of tens of thousands of

dealers said

if you graduated from 1991 to 2001, college students, graduate students, the name is not complicated.

to be careful, your graduation certificate, degree certificate is likely to be the no.".

recently appeared on the Internet for a group under the banner of "set in," said the dealer, you can apply for cloning qualifications ", is not only a unified national enrollment admission of formal qualifications, but also by the Ministry of Education designated" Chinese higher education student information network query. Beijing News reporter tracking the set number of qualifications for the process, for the number of sets of qualifications by the Chinese higher education student information network query, does show true.

dealers said, because Chinese higher education student information network has a fatal flaw, it gives them an opportunity.

to undertake the national student information online can be found in various types of educational qualifications, the cost of 2000 yuan, with the same degree of true education."

at the beginning of December 2012, the reporter received a mobile phone message, different from the previous "false credentials" message, the message referred to "set number degree".

education can set number

what is the "number of qualifications"


reporter contacted the man texting, he claimed to be called Liu Yi, engaged in these operations for two years. "The set number of so-called education, is to find a name with you graduates, cloning of graduation certificate, degree certificate as like as two peas, equal to you don’t have to tell you the name of the University, the University of people to help you."

Liu Yi said, for the name "as simple as possible, such as name hill, check, Shangguan and Ouyang rare surname, is not easy to set. The same name more simple, more choice is bigger."

According to Liu Yi

, a number is divided into three parts, the first of the same query selected graduates appropriate objects, and then used to get the graduation certificate number, finally making graduation certificate, degree certificate and archives, "2000 yuan for Fei Ye.

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