Everyone company more like the future of Chinese version of Myspace worrying

[Abstract] everyone listed so far shares fell over 75%, becoming the most China stocks is a bearish.

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Tencent technology news on October 30th, in the initial public offering (IPO) in 2011, everyone company (NYSE: RENN) has been touted as China’s Facebook". But now, the company looks more like a social network that has disappeared Myspace.

since listing in 2011, the cumulative decline in the company’s share price has more than 75%. Bloomberg statistics show that the current average market analysts expect the company’s share price in the next 12 months, but also fell by about $2.74 to $18% per share. Everyone in the company has become the most China stocks is a bearish.

China’s total number of Internet users reached 632 million, but continued decline in revenue, forcing everyone to diversify the company’s business and substitute profit. In August of this year, the company expects third quarter revenue may decline by up to $19 million, down to $54%, the lowest level since the single quarter since 2011. Although everyone is China’s first batch of social media sites, but it has been faster to adapt to changes in the social media industry, such as WeChat and Sina, micro-blog and other competitors beyond.

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technology, media and telecommunications industry research firm CM Research, Sellers · Mewawalla (Cyrus Mewawalla) said, "everyone is the first listed company social media platform, the company should use market expansion, but failed to achieve this point. When a new type of messaging application, like WeChat, appears, everyone has to launch its own messaging application, and when the trend of mobile shopping comes, everyone should take advantage of this trend. The company does not provide enough services to retain users, so the larger ecosystem will gradually erode it."


, like everyone else, Myspace was a hot Internet Co. Two years after the creation of Myspace, Rupert · Murdoch (Rupert) news group in 2005 to $580 million price to buy the company. 2006, Myspace’s total number of users to visit 55 million, far more than Facebook of 15 million. Market research company eMarketer data shows that in 2008, Myspace’s advertising revenue was as high as $605 million, but in 2011 has dropped to $47 million, is only a small part of the $3 billion 200 million in revenue was Facebook. On 2011, News Corporation sold at a price of $35 million Myspa>

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