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1 website unauthorized reprint traditional media works will be on  


in June 12th, the State Copyright Bureau and other four departments jointly held a national forum on copyright enforcement supervision, Jian Wang 2014 officially launched special operations. The special action will be part of the site is not authorized to reprint a large number of traditional media works, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the obligee’s rights into the key tasks. To determine the number of Internet piracy key case, focus, and fast. Strong views on the people, the social harm of piracy sites, will be strictly punished, according to the law to revoke the qualifications or relevant administrative licensing qualification.

to implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen sessions of the second, the third plenary session, to further strengthen the network copyright enforcement supervision, to combat Internet piracy, according to the law of cyberspace governance, purify the network environment copyright, according to the State Council in 2014 to combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods required for the deployment of the national copyright administration, the state Internet information the office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security on June 2014 to November to carry out the tenth special treatment to combat Internet piracy Jian Wang action (referred to as "Jian Wang 2014 special action).


2 new features: exposure to grab Alipay ricebowl  

with the increase in the number of users, WeChat is no longer satisfied with doing an instant chat software, more and more features are added, such as WeChat games, WeChat payment, etc..

latest news shows that WeChat will add a new version of the transfer function, and the function of the design is very simple. Specifically, when using the transfer function to just select WeChat friends, fill out the transfer amount, then enter the verification code to complete the transfer, no need to enter the card number or other information, of course, the other party should theoretically must open payment function to WeChat.

3 who actually killed the Nora  

fast dying. Yesterday the market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality held a hearing on the 260 million Nora huge fines, 7 working days will be announced after the final decision on punishment. Regardless of the final fall of the hammer weight, but it is almost certain that Nora has been overwhelmed by the.



260 million yuan of cash is to let it bleed directly, the greater the threat lies in this round of storm Nora brand, team and Nora industry hit. Nora executives did not show up, the team has been facing the dissolution of the basic support Nora video sites, the player has been replaced with an unknown tool pioneer video".

4.360 Baidu case of unfair competition in the case of both parties in the lawsuit against each other  

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