2010 Chinese nternet Conference Web2.0 website collective silence

to "service, green" as the theme of the 2010 Internet Conference in Beijing International Conference Center held a fiery and continued, but this seemingly lively feast is missing on behalf of Web2.0 new media voice


maybe a lot of people will oppose burst into view, you see the potatoes Ku6 chiefs are not at the meeting tuomohengfei passionate speech published? But, in my view, this kind of Chinese type Web2.0 website has already lost the characteristics of Web2.0, gradually reduced to the traditional portal with attendant! Several video sharing site for domestic, real by users to upload video video can be compared to the overall number used to describe a handful of internal staff, to enrich the content of upload is not news, but users still as always plays the role of tourists, most can be made of no importance comments, so. It was posted on the Web2.0 label, the nature of it has already deviated from the original intention of Web2.0, at best is only expanding the traditional function of the portal


and foreign Facebook, Twitter A new force suddenly rises. the sites, out of the traditional media portal conditions, special conditions Chinese determines the user self generated content is just a beautiful lie, at least in the current network policy, this dream is impossible now! But this beautiful lie attracts too many entrepreneurs passion, from the beginning to the end of the disappeared completely with vigour and vitality, leaving no trace, which each have their own views. Personally think that the users get disheartened is an important reason why the thought I did the media master, only to find out in the end of a so-called Web2.0 website is simply repeating a game of "make only superficial changes! As for news, as for the content, and the terror wait for the audit, not all a comment, where are all the same! What is Web2.0? Maybe just to steal food when to think of such a concept! For the founder of the site, its huge policy pressure and the need of human resources investment, resulting in passion slowly fade, abandoned abandoned, and shut down, only time drop several capital flow in the game player with bitter, envying into Facebook or TWITTER before ten

and a sigh!

could not find fresh information of value, the loss of users will not way, instead of waiting for the last cup of eroded destiny, rather than turn to go the traditional route for rudder portal, maybe this is more in line with Chinese conditions, more in line with the China users (was) habits and anxiety do! Low-key transition. As for this session of the general assembly of the Internet portal, or continue to let state-owned enterprises to discuss and critique to the prospect of it, they have good policy sense, just follow the traditional portal, with the accumulation of users, at least one need not worry about food! Maybe watch those speakers talk rapidly while performing voice aside my heart also regrets, this session of the conference of the Internet is actually less of a subject, then.

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