Dangdang million to buy double 11 domain name to do electricity providers to share shopping guide we

In the "double 11" promotional war competition on

electricity supplier industry has been upgraded from price and logistics to flow for running. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter recently learned from informed sources, Dangdang has spent millions of dollars to buy shuang11.com domain name, and build it as the electricity supplier to share shopping guide website, direct closure double 11 users.

news said that in the double 11 Eve, Dangdang heavily purchased shuang11.com domain name, its operations as a ‘double 11’ shopping guide website, has been formally launched. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters log on to the site found that it is located in boutique navigation site, mainly divided into the people recommended, electricity supplier news and hot commodities three plates. Home clothing, watches, bags, beauty, 3C, home appliances, food and wine, audio books and other recommended products. For this domain name to buy a thing, dangdang.com Market Department official denied.

coincidentally, Alibaba group began to pay attention to with the electricity supplier shopping guide website since last year, many overweight sharing their products. Earlier there was news that Ali is trying to buy the price of $200 million to buy a shopping guide site mogujie.com, hoping to provide users with precise navigation website personalized service.

in fact, pay attention to share shopping guide or to seize the double 11 domain name and other second entrance, are conducive to the electricity supplier to get more user traffic. With the "double 11" economy "the heat increased year by year, from two to the electricity supplier layout" boutique shopping guide ", pay attention to the future of second B2C electric entrance" remarkable degree. "No matter how the price, the electricity supplier website has advantages of logistics, if losing control flow from the source, is busy for a white, such as the industry is admitted.

at the same time, the industry also pointed out that the "double 11" domain name for the electricity supplier only "double 11" competition of the tip of the iceberg, flow control is important, but the "logistics", "return" and other hard experience will affect the electricity supplier "double 11" victory in the decisive battle of key factors.

and this, Dangdang has been ready for the final battle. Dangdang responsible person to the Beijing Daily reporter, November 5th to November 11th is the anniversary of the anniversary month closing dangdang.com week ", which will be directed at" double 11 ", from dangdang.com advertising, promotional efforts will be in the 3-5 fold range.

in addition to the "double 11" most important "logistics" link, Dangdang logistics responsible person said that dangdang.com all logistics and distribution sectors increased by at least 50% resources, and also the deployment of the "gold medal" the last kilometer of delivery service, refinement to the "cash for change", "SMS alerts, on-site inspection" such links will be included in the express of the individual assessment, ensure timely, complete to the user.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter Wei Yu

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