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For some time, the website is built, then a new station you first thought to do could make your website is to be included in search engines, to let visitors through the search engine to find their own website, get some traffic. In fact, this is not a very difficult thing. If the method is right, the general 2-4 days can be included in the Google. However, improper methods, ten days and a half months, or even one or two months are not listed.

general method, we may think of the first landing of the major search engines, one by one to submit their website search engine URL. This approach is out of date, and now is the most passive, the most effective way. GoogleGuy has also said that the importance of submitting URL to Google is decreasing, and the attractiveness of this submission is getting smaller and smaller for Google. For this part of the data submitted Google update very slow. If you only use this method may not be listed on the Google two months.

there are some open directory submission, such as, etc.. For a new site, the content is not much, want to include these large directory will be quite a long process, it may take a long time. Therefore, it is not easy to find this by Google and other search engines quickly. Of course, you submit it, slowly waiting to be included.

the following is the fastest way to get the best, that is to get as many external links. These links are not necessarily in the link to the site’s home page, in its internal page on OK. In fact, your site has just been built, there is no access to the volume, it is not easy to find some good home links. It is best to find some higher PR value (such as 6), the content is updated every day more and update the website, the website of Google will be a day roaming and update its database. When Google roaming these sites found your URL, will follow URL Crawl your site. I used to use this method many times, very effective, of course, now do not, directly in a slightly higher PR website home page to do a link on the OK.

usually use what method 2-4 days will be included in the Google and MSN. Yahoo a little slower, it may take 1-2 weeks, which is related to its search technology. How can the number of PR, to update the web site to do some links? It is actually very simple, there are a lot of website forums or allow comments, made a sign with their website address, the number of posts or comments on the line. But this URL must be active, that is, you can click to get the site. According to the author’s experience, Google in the discovery of your URL, the day will be on your site roaming, roaming after one to two days, in Google search your site, you will find your site has been included in the. For the first time will be included in your home page, this is the same as Google and MSN.

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