Pseudo electronic commerce does not pseudo refute pseudo e-commerce remarks

recently a diamond B2C mall remarks on the "pseudo electronic commerce", much to my surprise, the argument is actually originated from some B2C applies the "mouse + cement" mode of


for such a strange "argument", or out of a famous diamond heavyweight CEO B2C mall big mouth, let me really feel strange! But I know from other reports from the diamond mall, with 80% of its sales by China Merchants Bank and ICBC credit card installment the mall sold, not only from its website and the bank sold! I still have some experience, all kinds of pressure and rate is inevitable, what did not increase the "cost"? Electronic commerce enterprise no store is "pure e-commerce", is a promising "light"!


Suning, Gome, WAL-MART and other traditional businesses to large-scale investment into e-commerce, where the customer, MASAMASO, show car car boutique mall have tested the water to open stores or store experience, network DM, stores, B2C store sales model are stereo became a "pseudo e-commerce"? It seems that the shelling of the CEO not only is the diamond B2C industry, will all have direct precipitation and the success of the traditional and B2C companies are shelling again!

VANCL in the process of growing, I remember that YAGE’s boss said: we are not afraid of VANCL! Why does he have the guts to say such a thing? Because in his opinion, sales or VANCL could be at the moment more than YAGE, but what is VANCL? Who can describe clearly? Is a brand of men but it? Still, selling women’s shoes, children’s clothing and even bedding! Is a platform for the brand? (such as WAL-MART) but its goods were all VANCL LOGO! Is that vintage to describe yourself, let VANCL employees to describe what is a VANCL? In the advertising industry in the past 6 years, China Unicom, service LG, I really can’t clearly describe the FAW VANCL in the end is what kind of brand, it only rely on Internet marketing and market capacity, the price advantage has achieved a B2C super high sales City site. In the view of traditional brands, such a people can not clearly describe the "brand" does not have any competition, will be replaced by another, as VANCL instead of PPG, and the PPG brand auction no one actually took over, perhaps in the traditional chiefs, PPG spent $about 80000000 to burn out the so-called "brand" is nothing but a


entity / store only to sales? If only such a mode of thinking, I think to do e-commerce "people" seems to be lost (the diamond mall gangster class CEO from the famous diamond brand as far as I know), forget the core of an enterprise or product value: "brand barriers"


is that they forget, or they want to get the so-called "eyeball" by this way

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