Ali boasts the world’s largest, over 5000 people in the fake team


tiger sniffing note: a copy of the report from the industry and Commerce Administration of fake Ali questioned continue to ferment. 7 U.S. law so Alibaba group suspected of being subject to the investigation by the regulatory authorities and other issues, involved in the class action against Alibaba. In the U.S. stock market, the market value of the last 4 days of the Alibaba evaporated over $30 billion. Ali need to disclose their "fake" attitude and measures to the outside world, including Ali counterfeiting mechanism. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter Hua Mingfei, an exclusive interview with Alibaba, senior director of the Security Department of the group, Ni Liang. The following is the full text of the article.

Ali is the internal mechanism of fake


: what is the "twenty-first Century" counterfeiting mechanism within a Alibaba


Ni Liang: the entire Alibaba system, including Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, etc., as long as there is a right to complain, we will soon respond. Before 2010, we are passive fake, there are complaints, we deal with; after 2010, we take the initiative to cooperate with the right person, because each product category is different, we need a fake face and human rights challenges, there are also many right people are willing to cooperate with us.

in the first 9 months of 2014, we take the initiative to find 110 million pieces of fake, after that, we first time on these fake shelves, and penalties for the seller; at the same time, human rights complaints fakes also have 8 million pieces. It can be seen that the active management of Alibaba accounted for the vast majority.

at the same time, we also through big data products, such as a seller to open three stores, a store is processed, we will check the other two stores. For consumer complaints, we also carry out the processing of large data, such as consumer complaints, text comments, call return reason etc., analyze the machine semantic system, the information extraction of fakes, from the consumer complaints of goods, sampling samples to identification of third party accreditation bodies, if it is fake, we’ll handle.

Alibaba system for the purchase and identification of fake costs, more than 100 million yuan per year.

: "twenty-first Century" business for commodity sales in Taobao or Tmall, including basic shop, transaction and customer service and other aspects, Ali’s crackdown throughout the chain of


Ni Liang: first of all, the person or company to become a seller through the real name authentication. Early is only Alipay certification, now also requires the person authentication. Ali has a set of real person authentication methods, such as requiring businesses to upload photos and other handheld ID.

ready to launch this year under the line certification, in the sale of fake businesses are relatively concentrated areas, the creation of a field authentication window, which we are going to push the management method.

and then in the release of goods, we will be assessed by the intelligent system, once found abnormal, will be through the

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