Baidu to enter the e-commerce shopping search tactics

Baidu into the shopping search, this is definitely an explosive news. The basic information in yesterday’s article, the search for shopping dispute, Baidu also push shopping search has been introduced, and today the analysis of Baidu into shopping search ambitions and purpose bar.

Baidu launched a shopping search service, usually a little concerned about e-commerce or internet friends, one will see through which Baidu launched shopping search ambitions and objectives. It is known to all Baidu heart.

Baidu launched a shopping search service, not only for shopping with Google search, Youdao shopping search and other similar services in the competition, after all Chinese search engine market, Baidu still ranked the market leader position. Google shopping after a year of development, has not been able to grab more share of Baidu search from the mouth, then the launch of Baidu shopping search service, can be regarded as a beautiful back, and with its large number of users win.

Baidu launched a shopping search service, in fact, I think the first time is Baidu and Taobao.

originally Taobao and Baidu is not the water into the river. But since the acquisition of Alibaba Yahoo China with the search side, Alibaba and Baidu began. Since then, further deepen. Alibaba to enter the online advertising market, Baidu launched ah, to enter the C2C e-commerce platform. After that, Taobao shield Baidu reptiles, prohibit Baidu crawl Taobao user data, goods, transaction data, Taobao initiative to give up the Baidu search engine services.

and Baidu have defeated C2C in the electronic commerce market, the two seem to be incompatible. Now Baidu launched a shopping search service, is tantamount to a harsh slap in the face of Taobao.


e-commerce is the future direction of development. Ma Yunru said, do not do e-commerce, 5 years later you will regret". For e-commerce, you can only choose to accept his way, but can not choose to accept or reject. Missed the e-commerce, missed the opportunity to survive in the future of the internet.

Baidu into e-commerce is not just a way ah, but for Baidu, push shopping search service than the push Baidu has a lot of clever. So where is the brilliant


first, Baidu is still doing the search, in the shopping process played a bridge role, rather than Baidu has ah platform role. The role of a bridge than platform advantage, do not need to invest too much of the resources in the service, when the user clicks a shopping search, store goods, will complete its function, without the need to deal with customers and store trade disputes, as for the charges. (believe me, Baidu is definitely not a free), the main charge per click or can be installed according to trading success fees.

and Taobao’s current business relative to the proliferation of fake, uneven in quality, shu>

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