The fifth installment of the payment of a license issued only a national license or no longer issued

in the fourth batch of payment licenses issued only after a month, the central bank recently released the fifth installment of "non financial institution payment business license", but compared with the first four group of the biggest difference is that this list only a business license, and the business scope is Qingdao’s prepaid card issuance and acceptance.

according to sources close to the regulators, the future central bank may license according to the "compliance, a payment of a" principle of succession of compliance payment companies issued, but may not have a national or trans regional business license, this also means that the domestic payment format pattern delineation.

these sources also revealed that had caused no small controversy, the bank card business management approach (hereinafter referred to as the management approach) has completed the solicitation, will soon be introduced.

cross regional or national license or no longer issued

is different from the previous batch of licensing, the payment received the fifth batch of license plates only one enterprise: Qingdao datong.

according to the central bank announcement shows that the company is applying for prepaid card issuance and acceptance within the territory of Shandong, and the license to allow the scope of business for the issuance and acceptance of prepaid cards in Qingdao. As of yesterday, a total of 197 enterprises to obtain the central bank issued a payment license. A payment industry researchers pointed out that the rhythm of the central bank issued a license in line with its compliance, a payment principle.

according to the reporter incomplete statistics, the public has not yet been paid for the license is still more than twenty enterprises. According to sources close to the regulatory authorities, the future of the central bank may continue to pay a license to the compliance of the enterprise, but may not be a national or cross regional business license. This seems to indicate the basic pattern of domestic payment formats. The person also told reporters, according to the enterprise scale and business scope, the list is included in the key regulatory and central bank communication payment at around 20 companies, Alipay (micro-blog), UnionPay business, wealth, Yi Bao, Zihexin, chinapnr, Sheng Futong, Beijing and other payment companies listed here mrs..

is vice president of a large payment companies told reporters that this year the payment industry pattern of subtle changes in the pay of the enterprise will focus on strategic collective to mobile payment, online and offline payment integration, Payment institutions part of the traditional industry scale rapid growth. According to Analysys think tank "2012 two quarter China third party payment market quarterly monitoring report", HNA’s first three party payment platform — new payment market scale has been ranked eighth in the country, Analysys Internet analysts say this is the first time a traditional enterprise group’s first three party payment companies to enter the quarter finals.

receipt management or the introduction of

these payments also pointed out that the industry is also affected by the policy orientation. Close to the regulatory authorities at the same time, told reporters that the bank card business management approach (hereinafter referred to as the management approach) has now completed the solicitation of opinions, will soon be introduced. < >

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