Taobao insurance and Allianz nsurance to promote strategic cooperation mooncake insurance

[introduction] the insured at the full moon city (Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen) to see the moon because of the weather (i.e. cloudy or rainy day), will receive 50 yuan insurance claims.


technology news (Wang Kexin) August 26th news, Ali small and micro financial services group (chips) owned by Taobao and Allianz Insurance (China) Insurance Co. Ltd. announced a strategic cooperation. The first action after the cooperation, Allianz Insurance will launch the country’s first "mooncake insurance in Taobao insurance". According to the insurance set, such as the Mid Autumn Festival can not see the moon, you can get compensation.

push the mooncake insurance

according to reports, the moon insurance is Allianz Insurance through the analysis of meteorological data of a number of domestic city nearly 20 years, the establishment of risk model, launched the first domestic and holiday related, and weather related insurance products. Moon insurance in Taobao’s sale of the time for the August 26th to 31. At this time there are 19 days away from the Mid Autumn Festival, the weather forecast can not predict such a long time.

on the basis of the "moon insurance" setting, which is divided into two tranches. One insurance price is 20 yuan, if the insured at the full moon city (Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen) to see the moon because of the weather (i.e. cloudy or rainy day), will receive 50 yuan insurance claims; second the insured price of 99 yuan, the full moon city increased from 3 to 41. If the insured person is the full moon city because of the weather can not see the moon, you can receive 188 yuan insurance claims. The corresponding payment amount will be remitted to the insured person’s Alipay account.

in addition, no matter what grade of the insured person can see the moon, can guarantee 100 thousand yuan of personal accident insurance in the moon, the second is the insured can get a box of moon cake brand.

Allianz Insurance pointed out, full moon insurance reported the name of "the moon inconvenient and dangerous, in addition to the corresponding personal security, payment is not caused by the moon mood loss. Similar to the people familiar with the flight delay insurance, compensation for flight delays caused by the loss of mood.

How to define the

can’t see the moon? According to reports, the moon insurance payment is only about the weather. To celebrate the mid autumn festival day September 19, 2013 claims will be based on the 20:00-24:00 Chinese Weather Network Weather evaluation. If during this period, the weather broadcast the city is cloudy or rainy day, it is defined as the failure to see the moon, you can get claims, and if this period for other weather conditions, it is defined as the moon. It is reported that China’s weather network will be updated every 6 hours a city weather broadcast.

Taobao insurance three years of insurance transactions 1 billion pen

(China) Allianz property insurance limited company’s deputy chief operating officer of song Xuanbi revealed that three years ago had thought of this internal Allianz Insurance, but not the product design, the design will not sell. Insurance is an important risk diversification. Taobao insurance platform can be a good risk control. >

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