Micro electricity supplier broke out again more standardized micro chamber

Many of my friends have recently found

derivative tend to rational development, there are some friends sing decline especially some friends, is writing cry: now even WeChat can’t save micro business. However, at this time, micro-blog gave everyone a slap in the face: micro-blog do micro electricity supplier to push micro-blog window so that people recommend merchandise

guardian Yuan Kun saw micro-blog today announced a joint Alibaba, selling micro partners and three party to build a mobile social electricity supplier system in micro-blog, and launched a micro electricity supplier products of micro-blog windows.


mobile Internet development so rapidly, the development of micro business has become a necessity, although a derivative based on WeChat circle of friends has deviated from the normal track, but for most of the micro business is good, you really want to sell products or services. Micro-blog has been in the study of their commercialization, although most mobile providers are more emphasis on trading. But according to micro-blog’s announcement shows: micro-blog is more likely to recommend the commodity.

micro-blog electricity supplier initiatives tend to create an intermediary platform, let Master, V do trust agent, do trust endorsement for businesses (similar to Taobao customers?), the guardian Yuan Kun believes this initiative has taught us that the micro business really irresistible, but show different form tend to be more formal.

The so-called

derivative is based on the mobile social networking, and many of my friends think that micro business is based on the WeChat circle of friends, circle of friends and WeChat ads flooding agent model messy, let us talk about micro Shuabing various soup taking discoloration, actually mobile platform based on the electricity supplier can be called micro electricity providers, such as Taobao mobile phone now, micro-blog electricity supplier, the most common electricity supplier WeChat, even based on the mobile social platform or tools in commercial form.

some people say that WeChat official is to resist micro business, is it true?. For any enterprise, the ultimate trend is certainly commercialization, WeChat is also the case. Guardian Yuan Kun believes that WeChat only for some malicious acts to combat it.

traditional PC electricity supplier to a peak can not be crossed, and based on the mobile terminal micro electric chamber of Commerce came to an end, I believe we are very looking forward to. At least micro electricity supplier will become more and more fire, the trend will not change.

text / guardian Yuan Kun, Hubei network marketing consultant, real name network marketing from the media. Micro-blog: @ Guardian Kun Kun, WeChat public number: shyuankun0105. Baidu you will understand me.

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