Suichang model, how to make agricultural electricity supplier platform successfully landing

sung west corner of Suichang County, fifty thousand of the population of the county has gathered thousands of shop, on the basis of the birth of the electricity supplier of agricultural products around the "Suichang model": one of the characteristics of agricultural products is to build a public service platform for local; the two is called "new rural e-commerce service station of the rush street".


last week, Ali Institute issued a "white paper on agricultural e-commerce (2013)". Data show that in 2013 the number of sales of agricultural products on the Ali platform for 394 thousand. Which Taobao (including Tmall) sellers for 377 thousand and 900, B2B platform merchants about 16 thousand. 2013 sales of agricultural products continue to maintain rapid growth Ali, an increase of 112.15%. 1688 platform grew by 301.78%. Fresh related categories maintained the fastest growth rate, an increase of 194.58%, the number of packages of agricultural products in 2013 reached 126 million, growth of 106.16%.

all the data points to the agricultural electricity supplier has a Liaoyuanzhishi, to a higher level. The new farmer groups rise, cooperatives to Taobao shop, the electricity supplier of agricultural products website many kinds of agricultural products in the raging like a storm, selling network. At the same time, agricultural service providers electricity supplier development.

agricultural products sales network has more attempt and innovation in Zhejiang, the emergence of a "service oriented development mode of electronic commerce of Suichang county model", and its core is the development of the county agricultural products e-commerce. I recently visited Suichang, on-the-spot investigation, see behind the agricultural business what is Suichang rash and too much in haste,


agricultural electricity supplier model

Before the

electronic commerce did not come, Suichang Zhejiang provincial leaders rarely had a down. The pillar industries of the whole county include bamboo charcoal, paper making, metallurgy and other industries. Some people say that Suichang rice is good, because the mountain is original, no fertilizer; some people say that Suichang pork, beef, chicken and sweet, because they are eating their own grain; there are people from the tip of the tongue on the Chinese learned Suichang tender shoots…… In short, Suichang county Zhejiang Nanshan District rich products, all know that the people of Lishui.

later, the ancient agricultural civilization met e-commerce passion, life is good in order to quickly Taobao "creative musicians everywhere. The mahjong table aunt aunt in the discussion, shipping, seckill gold redemption. Childhood suffering from paralysis of the youth in the village and the Suichang Electronic Commerce Association President Pan Dongming during the first sentence is: how do you see this year eleven? In Suichang farm restaurant meal, serving the chef will suddenly talk about their views on the BAT war; some people spontaneously came to Suichang love agriculture, promote local agricultural business the development of AC line and circle.

Ali Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the leadership of the province every three poor county investigation friday. Catch Street outlets (local life electricity supplier service >

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