Electricity supplier price war of ice and fire authorities Qing Qing, onlookers fans

perhaps many years later, in 2012 of August 15th will be repeatedly mentioned. That day, as a "electric business price war" in the struggle, several "hot" broke out between the electricity supplier industry. Everyone has different views on the tit for tat, even the Asahi news agency a has nothing to do with micro-blog, but also a summary: "clear, many onlookers".


so-called price war, especially in the field of electricity providers, many consumers already commonplace. Often bursts, there will be a business enterprise, find a hair from a promotion carnival, then a few days every month like auspicious occasion. Even the most important of the two parties to the price war: Jingdong and Suning, which have been directly or indirectly.

Why is

so hot this time, and even the media called this the third revolution in home appliances".

from the spectator’s point of view, this is nothing more than an inter enterprise micro-blog frame. In the more Renshou social media driven by the Jingdong, Suning and Gome all combatants, Qi Qi to each other before put relentless, and all is better than miserable mode: to me to buy it, I must be better than other low price, his hair down 1 I will drop 2 hair, he can sell 1 yuan I we sold 0 yuan


if it is true, according to the normal logical reasoning, that some of the appliances in the end not only to white to consumers, which might lose a sum of money. These enterprises are to make a written warrant, you do not believe? If the battle is fierce to daotie gratis level, you can not pay attention to? Micro-blog turned crazy, the media can not hurriedly follow up reports of


all unrealistic illusions will eventually burst. Product asymmetry, out of stock, the price of the day before the assault price…… These common means as early as expected; and all the people looking forward to endless price system endless mode, also has not started. Some products even though the price of the day, although multiple modifications, but it presents more and more expensive situation.

select a price of 9199 yuan of TV products as a comparison, the end of 15, the contrast is as follows.

A is priced at 5399 yuan, the page letter mark: which one, the outcome had been! What’s not a single


B is priced at 5688 yuan, the page letter mark: which one, the outcome had been. 46 inches Full HD smart LED TV (including base). Purchase one per person.

C is priced at 5678 yuan, the page letter mark: true price to enjoy, not the same feeling to come, do not miss the opportunity!

this price, the outcome has been divided, the red logo, appeared in the Jingdong, Suning and other products on the page, it can be considered a declaration of the winner, it can be considered a loser’s defeat.

Barmecidal practices, many look forward to picking up big cheap users very upset. North.