Taobao to fight fake into tangled public welfare and business

  how many fakes on Taobao? This is Taobao’s most sensitive topic.

fakes flooding has become a major obstacle to the development of e-commerce. Counterfeiting is a subject of have to face. With the volume of transactions exceeded 200 billion yuan mark, Taobao also launched a large-scale anti-counterfeiting campaign.

the inevitable crackdown

Taobao fake a lot of domestic cosmetics brand online authorized dealer Wang Ming told reporters. In Taobao, the agent of the cosmetics brand counterfeit goods there are several.

Wang Ming pointed out that the main reason for the sale of fake online sellers because of the lack of market supervision, the current cost of online shop is relatively low, the business sector has not regulated the network sales. Although the current online channels have a mature evaluation system and payment system as a guarantee, but a large number of buyers do not have the ability to identify counterfeit, buy fake sometimes will give praise. And now the fraud means, many fakes almost spurious.

The main source of

cosmetics fakes is informal channels. Some sellers on the Internet in order to reduce the cost of purchase, often not from the hands of brand manufacturers and agents to purchase, the blind pursuit of low prices, into their own fakes, if there is no consumer complaints also open one eye closed one eye. Some sellers due to lack of investigation into the purchase channels, they do not know into fakes.

there are some big international products sold at the end of a single foreign trade imitation goods in the form of online apparel categories, these products due to high demand, various grades of fake became a common phenomenon.

fakes will become a huge obstacle to the development of Taobao. Analysys International analyst Cao Fei pointed out very high, a few years ago, C2C is a dominant Taobao, almost no rival. Taobao has been in the pursuit of scale development. At this stage, we need to raise the threshold, the quality has become the most important issue.

consumers to buy a fake but not resolved, it will form a "Taobao = fake" such word of mouth spread, a large number of negative communication will hinder the attempt of new entrants. Taobao will also reduce its brand image.

in the big Taobao strategy, Taobao most want to see is a large number of international big name recognition of this platform, in this platform to open flagship store. But some of the top international brands such as Adidas, Nike and other agents while not explicitly stop shop, but not willing to appear in the official Taobao, the problem is afraid of fake their own brand image influence. An important strategy for brands but also increase the fake confidence.

fake push transformation

2009, Ma Yun repeatedly mentioned Taobao fake problem in network. customer service department senior director Chen Qingtan said in an interview with reporters, due to product quality, customer service, fake services disputes has affected consumer confidence in online shopping, so Taobao also increase hit >