Master’s College the establishment and profitability of B2C E-commerce

2009 data show that Chinese Internet users browse B2C site coverage has exceeded 50%, which means that every one of the two people visited the B2C site. There is no denying that China’s B2C industry is rapidly rising, which is a very big cake. Many of the mice have died or become stronger and stronger. We want to share this cake into the B2C industry, we need to learn how to better operate the site, reduce costs and achieve profitability.

in fact, now many webmaster want to enter the field of B2C, because of his profit model is directly, not as we do other sites that day to think about profit model cudgel thinking. "To do things you want to succeed, you can’t just rely on it. Not afraid of failure, you are not afraid to do."

United College webmaster

August 9, 2009 Hefei PHP training center B2C invited a number of local enterprises if the table yet, fourteenth Century Hefei perfume network, inker nets, and some entrepreneurs and students participated in the brainstorming activities, Yanhuang network and PHPWIND this activity gives great support. I have carried out the activities of the content, I come to talk about the activities of the main points, for reference only.

1, product sourcing

many people ask what is the most important process inside B2C, I personally think that is the choice of sources. From the product price, quality, cyclical, seasonal and other aspects of consideration, as far as possible to get in touch with the manufacturers and establish a good channel relationship. This relationship is not only reflected in the low price above, but also includes the replacement of products such as the return of tedious after-sales. It is also important to deal with the interpersonal relationship with the channel. Often at the beginning of our purchase price is relatively high, when we have long been familiar with the transaction after the transaction, the price will naturally reduce a lot. If we have a very good channel, we can also through OEM products, selling their own brands, now many well-known B2C is doing, direct contact with the manufacturers or contact with OEM, OEM is the price is not very high, the key is how you talk.

cost this thing not only mention the value of the product, but also including packaging, logistics and other expenses and other expenses, we should enlarge the vision, so as to be more effective in reducing costs.

at the beginning, in addition to low prices also need to ensure the quality of the product. Because quality not only allows you to get a good reputation and can effectively reduce your after-sales service. Quality and cheap products is important, but the implementation is more important than planning, immediate action, don’t let the opportunity slip away from your hesitation.

2, website construction

in the promotion, we should first do a good job site. This "good" includes the beauty of the page, the human experience of the program and product sales strategy, etc.. Do everything possible