How to reverse the growth of electricity supplier in the giant gap

1990, e-commerce was born, in 2014, the national electricity supplier business as the Internet prevails, new industries, only more than ten years, the rapid development of the business of a road, from rudiment to stable development. In the meantime, the Internet industry was born out of many commercial giants, mighty Amazon, very influential Alibaba, Jingdong, the steady progress of the prosperous "sell" WeChat……

since 2013, more and more resources are highly concentrated towards these giants, and the trend is becoming more and more obvious, and even a large-scale Internet acquisition. Under the influence of these giants momentum, the electricity supplier entrepreneurs and how to find a way out, in order to find a place to survive in the era of giant electricity supplier


to do with the giants have different small and beautiful

for Alibaba and Jingdong, such as integrated electricity supplier, they are more concerned about the scale. They require a large group of businesses, a wealth of options and as many users and traffic. For the start of business, there is no way out with the electricity supplier giant competition scale is, the giants of the platform operation scale has been very mature and stable, make new breakthroughs in Entrepreneurship and small electricity supplier is difficult in a short time, the blind pursuit of scale can lead to high death rate of entrepreneurship, then make business.

on the other hand, if the opposite, "small and beautiful" attack, to avoid this kind of Alibaba, Jingdong business advantage, choose characteristic orientation has the difference with them, it is not a good way. Discount shopping guide platform of the 90 percent off network is the value of the export price of the product, the main needs of the user groups, mainly in cooperation with Taobao, Tmall’s "small and beautiful" business to business level are low, pay more attention to the service and the quality of products, with such consumer demand to attract users with the most direct actual discount and cost-effective! There shopping guide platform, to solve the problem of electricity supplier platform, product quality is uneven, many kinds of difficulties in selection as a part of the user, with the shortest time for the user to choose the most suitable products, shorten the time of users, but also ease the platform merchants vicious competition the pressure is too large in


is not good at doing the giant

‘s core business is the lifeline for the survival of the giant, when the giant platform development tends to be stable when the user consumption habits have culture, and the giant is very easy to use its own resources, speed up the layout and process development, the platform itself a solid foundation, a new business electricity supplier wants to almost zero possibility in the giant core business successful counter attack. But there are still some business electricity supplier in the forest of giant to the unstoppable trend emerged, watch pain points, the electricity supplier giant cracks in the blaze trail, standing side development of


they are how to find a breakthrough in the giant crevice?

one of the most important point is the innovation in the era of the Internet giant electricity supplier, want to break through, only to identify the location, mining giant is not good or has not yet tapped the emerging field >