U.S. mission network integrity certification CEO Wang Xing said it was like the protection fee recei


figure for the U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing

this morning, the 29 group purchase website the first batch of Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center certification surfaced, also issued the certification of the doubt sound, think this is a "certified", like pay protection fees.

addition, the agency had claimed that the identity of the Ministry of Commerce has also been questioned, this morning, the Ministry of Commerce has made it clear to this position, the certification rules and the Ministry of Commerce has no relationship.

certified website

activity is like receiving protection fee

this morning, the reporter got the 29 group purchase website list for the first time, the reporter found in the list, a few days ago in an interview with reporters, also made it clear that because they can not judge this certification is what is the nature of the behavior, so the U.S. mission network also entered the list.

reporter then call the U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing, Wang Xing said that these days the final determination to enter the list of these 29 sites, has been in the understanding and negotiation.

this means that the so-called 29 certified website list is the last few days to determine, not a long time after the audit process.

in addition, Wang Xing also revealed that he considered this event as a protection fee, the integrity of your scores is that you give the number of sponsorship fee, for example, want to want finalists to participate in the conference, have promised many expenses.

but Wang is not willing to disclose how much the cost of their website.

Reporter interrupted

in the end how much money received? The agency does not mention

previously, there are media reports have to buy the site responsible person said, in obtaining this certification, the payment of 45 thousand yuan certification fee.


reporter calculated an account according to the cost roughly, a website received 45 thousand yuan, the first batch of 29 sites, Chinese international electronic commerce center can be accounted for more than 1 million yuan.

if the market rumors, in December of this year will be the second batch of nearly 200 can get credit certification, the center will have an income of 9 million yuan, which is called profiteering industry.

in the morning of the conference site, many employees from each group purchase website exchange said, "the Tencent, the Sohu of several large web site for more money, the high point, the business is not what effect, form".

and published in the list, Tencent, Sohu, 58 city and other mainstream buy site, scores are significantly higher than other sites.

media reports on the 45 thousand yuan fee, as well as the protection of the concept of a person who has been certified by the organization’s website to buy the person in charge, the morning reporter at the conference site to the agency responsible person