WeChat advertising circle of friends on the line derivative to cure

August 20th, the single Wang busy Tucao, busy couples meow show affection, when businesses engaged in activities by the name of the Qixi Festival. WeChat’s slogan "advertising, can also be part of life," the official slogan of the official website of the circle of friends. A message, the micro business practitioners can not help but sigh sentence with bitter tears on his face at the same time, we finally justifiably famous.


actually talking about WeChat circle of friends advertising, WeChat in January 21, 2015 has been released news. The release of a six picture composed of news at the time WeChat’s official account WeChat team ":" it is not into the hole, you have nowhere to hide. It is not hateful, but it does not understand you. We try to make some changes." When you look at the details of the time to know the "it" is advertising! What does this mean? It means to tell us they want to advertise!

in the past 7 months, the Tencent officially launched the official website of the advertising circle of friends, to say the goal, WeChat official said: on the one hand is to allow businesses to use their WeChat 600 million customers on the merchant’s products can achieve greater promotion, on the other hand, it is in order to solve the advertising business to brush frequency bring the trouble. It is to want to save the micro business currently worrying. Since it comes here, it is a word now micro business situation: micro business performance decline of 90%, many small brands in the closed under the trembling sword. And the formation of such a reason if you have to let me say, then use an online comparison of popular words to sum up: no Zuo no die!

Why is it that

is so worried about the micro business is their own work?. Who let you between the advertisement in the circle of friends of friends feelings also Shuabing consumption? Who let you friends even consumption also sell fake? Who told you to make one layer agent on the chaos increases the


although such a micro business makes me feel a little slim, but I was forced to give WeChat official circle of friends advertising rules point praise.

"an ad is valid for 7 days, while a single user will receive only one ad within 48 hours." Before this website has published articles, micro marketing is the most taboo to send advertising, blunt. And now the micro business frequent scraper ads but normal thing. No one likes to open a circle of friends is all goods advertising, even the advertisers themselves is also so. Because of this, the shield is inevitable ah, of course, this is also a very important reason for the decline in micro business performance. If you really change in accordance with the above statement, then there will be a qualitative change is not necessarily.

advertising within 6 hours without interaction, it will disappear from the circle of friends, if the interaction will remain. So the worst case scenario is that your circle of friends will appear every two days." See official >