Dong Jingyi the future of enterprise website will gradually be replaced by the electricity supplier

in an article on the "Dong Jingyi SEO" to offset the rising cost pressure for improving network coverage information from the search engine I obtain traffic mentioned in terms of traditional enterprise website is facing an increasingly serious traffic crisis. In fact, the flow is only one of the factors of the decline of traditional corporate websites, as well as the following reasons, leading to the inevitable decline of traditional corporate websites.

traditional enterprise website, there are several main problems:

, a small number of content, low quality, long-term not update, the search engine to bring less traffic.

two, the client basically do not see, because of the characteristics of the first, customers can not see the good, basic does not remember the two visit, the visitor loyalty is low, after reading the next may by the search, but the next time will not be found where.

three, enterprise station function is too small, can not participate in the business flow to the enterprise in the information age to enhance the contribution of business efficiency is limited.

four, lack of customer management, product management, inventory management, interaction and payment and other means of application.

five, customers can not enjoy the impulse to bring the benefits of consumption.

, of course, can start to say more, the above has been sufficient to explain that the enterprise is not in line with the trend of the old things.

let’s take a look at how these companies stand, and what did their bosses think about making it?

a, a face on the Internet, when an electronic card.

two, take the chance to find a potential deal with me.

three, others have, I have to have.

a few years ago, these were feasible. At that time, the number of pages in each industry are not many, the competition is not very intense, the primary Internet users are also lack of accurate access to high-quality information means and tools, so those who have the opportunity to think.

now, it is clear that these ideas have become increasingly inconsistent with the trend. The fine trend of the future of the Internet is significantly enhanced, the amount of information on the network in recent years with the exponential growth of Internet users, greatly enhance the application ability, the target acquisition tool has gradually improved, a part of their front embarked on the road of business, training users accept this business model, Dong Jingyi network marketing, new changes in all of this, leading to the traditional enterprise stand facing a severe crisis of survival.

what’s the future like?

in the next few years, in supermarkets, shopping malls to sell products will become B2C e-commerce site. Industry trends do not sell products is the development and application of website platform, improve office efficiency and quality of service, in fact, is essentially the same, the future, website application center, who is not used up the furnishings will be laid off, no one see.

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