E-commerce entrepreneurship can not avoid a problem the choice of platform or self built mall

e-commerce development in China is very fast, especially online retail nearly double the annual growth rate. Despite the fast growth prospects, but e-commerce is also increasingly fierce competition, traditional businesses have realized the importance of the retail network, this field have snatch, making e-commerce profit more difficult was very careful. The environment of electronic commerce is a few years ago has changed greatly, platform based C2C e-commerce vertical potential traditional has now, platform type B2C and type B2C A new force suddenly rises. self mall two important branches, the future of e-commerce: between the platform type and type of self mall e-commerce competition will be deepening. For entrepreneurs, is to choose to Taobao or Taobao mall shop, or choose to build their own independent B2C mall is always a problem can not be avoided. In order to solve this problem, I think entrepreneurs should at least consider the following two aspects.

Characteristics of the products or services provided by

. Different products or services have different characteristics, some for sale in the network platform, such as clothes, especially women wear clothes, because the goods can not be standardized, the style is seasonal and trend of the myriads of changes, obviously, consumers love on the platform in the goods more than three, the brand is not very sensitive. The online store is very difficult to buy the same goods. This kind of goods are similar bags, gifts, household products, etc.. We see a lot of Amoy brand is has the characteristics, such as selling clothing starry, seven princess JustStyle and sell the wheat bags, handbags and so on. Some products are suitable for self built mall sales, such as books, speaker products, 3C digital, food and beverage, footwear. These are: common commodity prices more transparent, more consumers consider the brand and price factors, the consumer of the product itself has an understanding of the line shop basically have sales, higher requirements for the quality and genuine. The typical representative is to sell the book started Dangdang, selling 3C digital started Jingdong mall, the main day of the department store and the first day of the footwear website good music to buy and music amoy. In addition, some services are also suitable for self built sites, such as online booking tickets, tickets online, online English training, artificial translation services. This service is different from the general merchandise sales, service providers need to have a professional knowledge of the industry, to provide some in-depth application. The universal pocket translation network as an example, the website login, order management, online payment and quiz exchange, and to strictly control the quality of translation, website platform generally difficult to meet the application so deep and personalized. It is a typical representative of the hotel ticket booking website Ctrip ticket sales website, barley net and New Oriental school. Need to add a point is that some goods are not suitable for Internet sales, such as online selling, this model has many failure cases. The main reason is that customers have fresh food and safety hygiene scruples, online distribution of vegetables and fruits, the cost is very high, the existing distribution channels of vegetables and fruits has been very sound. This online vegetables mode, no foreign.

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