The next step will be how to walk

micro business began at the end of 2012, after 2013, a large area of promotion in 2014, after entering the overtaking lane in 2015. Because of this, this year all the negative news about the derivative is discovered from time to time.

objectively, derivative chaos does exist. Many people can feel the morning of an open circle of friends, it is all sorts of "Mask" and "weight loss" information scraper, dazzling. While the micro business behind how much profits, operating the way how vulgar scripts directly in the circle, but also secretly spread. Those who are true or false, "little people can quickly get rich through the circle of friends," the story, a strong demonstration effect, attract more people into. In the search engine, micro business how to do, how to find the micro channel providers and other key fields to become a hot word.

so, how will the next micro business development trend of



circle of friends micro business death has been set

The people in the

derivative that bearish circle of friends, circle of friends in the micro business according to the basic into the evening, micro business to rely on agents, purchasing has gradually moved towards the dead end. The determination of micro business circle of friends will die mainly based on these points: in the product, poor quality, serious homogenization, no market competitiveness; in gross profit, the profit space is small, mainly rely on small profits; in the transaction, overdraft business reputation and social resources, lack of user stickiness and re purchase rate in marketing; rely on, blind and violent Shuabing powder to enhance the exposure rate; in sales, with "pyramid" type of operation, the development level of agent, through the pressure of goods merchants circle money to reap huge profits. There are indications that the rise of the circle of friends micro business has been far from the normal trajectory of business development. Circle of friends was divided up bonus, think of a share, I am afraid it is unlikely.

How will the next

for micro business development of this problem, senior electricity supplier commentators Wang Liyang did not immediately respond to the "daily economic news" reporter, just a few days ago about the micro business in Guangzhou to attend the Fair sponsored by the Chinese derivative industry alliance experience.

According to Wang Liyang

, at the meeting site, it found that there are many traditional cosmetics manufacturers appear in the micro business exhibition, even a company also rented a small venue for preaching, and the audience very warm response.

Wang Liyang further said, "to put it bluntly, micro business in the army ravaged the circle of friends, from the ordinary WeChat user perspective, micro business went as locusts, the availability is consuming the circle of friends, after micro-blog from the marketing content of disaster caused by flooding water."

do the same business woman, vice president, Shenzhen City Beauty Group Chief Information Officer Shuang also believes that now most of the larger micro have suspected MLM, direct selling companies recruit salespeople not to pay fees or purchase of goods as a condition for salespeople business training and examination does not charge any fees, micro business at present almost all the development of person

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