Double 11 classic case, DW watches 11 double turnover topped the industry NO.1

Abstract: in November, the last classic case review, see DW in a table like the Red Sea, how to win the double 11 industry turnover first, to achieve a niche brand high-profile counter attack.


project background

Daniel · Wellington (DanielWellington) is a Swedish watch brands, thin body, clean the table dial shaped DW watch all-match Book taste various fashion temperament, become Europe Master enhance the emerging style of watch. June 2014, DW officially entered China, the overall layout of the online and offline channels, opened the official website, incorporated into Tmall and other electronic business platform.

project target

DW started 2015 double 11 marketing, facing the fierce battle for the flow of resources, how to balance the traffic demand and traffic cost? Two of its own marketing platform to cooperate with the implementation of

, the Red Sea siege?


quality drainage: advertising exposure to the target population, effectively attract the target consumer groups to reach the DW activity page.

sales transformation: through the optimization, the core values of the people, to promote the transformation of the eleven double sales activities, to enhance ROI to 1:5.

delivery strategy and process

3 stages, the control of the rhythm of the dual 11


warm-up period (10.30-11.6): Double eleven campaign officially started, the official platform for the exposure of their own drainage, stimulate conversion.

adjustment period (11.7-11.9): DW official platform to adjust the new strategy, while the indirect guarantee Tmall flagship store traffic, laying the foundation for the impact of the sale of eleven double the same day.

outbreak (11.10-11.11): to increase the official mall exposure, triggering a brand effect, while the eleven day of the day to do unlimited visitors back, impact sales.

multiple sets of target crowd pack, lock core crowd

based on the friends of DSP’s own 830 million Internet crowd database, from the core to the extension of the DW for the development of multiple target population orientation strategy. First of all, DW lock core group is 19-35 years old, pay attention to fashion, luxury goods, watches, watches with the purchase needs of young people; then, according to the data from the friends put the past, rich people choose electricity supplier base, watches and other high value label related groups; finally, in order to integrate multiple sets of DW target population, lock core group.

12 high quality media and point, enhance click


performs iterative feedback based on real time data

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