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in the summer of 2010, the most fire in addition to "buy" and no other. By the end of August, group purchase the number of daily coverage from 3 million 619 thousand up to 10 million 3 thousand people, the cumulative growth of 176.4%, 7 to August week average growth rate of 16.8%. In mid July, buy service appeared a blowout period, the weekly growth rate surged to 58.9%. China’s rapid growth in online shopping, enough attention.

a day is a feature is also a hidden danger

in the United States, people enjoy the good life brought by groupon. In Chinese, users are "thousand group war" dazzled, sometimes not enjoy shopping fun, but lead to a lot of dissatisfaction.

network to buy the biggest feature is a daily, and sometimes limited sales, with a price of as low as 1~3 fold to attract users to click on the purchase, which makes a lot of people ran cheap, and ultimately can not stop the car. Xu Xu users claiming to be a group of slaves, all kinds of network to buy her every day must browse the web. This led her into a cycle of buying, September has not yet finished on the group 20 times it!

network group purchase by online payment, users see the favorite merchandise online brush bank card, credit card, convenient at the same time more people did, resulting in a single impulse. So, one day a group of consumers irrational purchase, impulse buying incentives.

Miss Xu also said she had purchased a salon experience packages, advertised as "beauty 180 minutes", but because of the weekend Club customers, has to be reduced to 2 hours, the promised samples have also been told that "". Buy more customers, the service is inevitably discounted."

mission to the cheap, but because many people can not enjoy the promise of service, which is one of the problems of time limit Buy mode in china.

survey data show that nearly 8 of consumers to buy goods and services to complain. 28% of consumers believe that the commercial customer service is not guaranteed, 17% of consumers believe that the group purchase for goods, product quality problems, in addition, there are more than 10% of consumers believe that the goods and services to the The name falls short of the reality. group purchase and consumption, the scene did not receive proper service.

love "innovation is imperative Youju released

Although the

group purchase industry homogeneity, and even some discordant notes, but limited group purchase low price but firmly seize the hearts of consumers, most consumers still hold a positive attitude for the group purchase. During the survey, 77% of consumers said they would continue to focus on network buy, and another 22% of consumers said it would depend on the situation.

analysis is not difficult to come out, the advantages of limited time to buy is significant: low price, easy to buy, with a high degree of consumer reference, has become a fashion lifestyle. At the same time, the limit Buy mode also has its shortcomings and deficiencies: first, impulse consumption, irrational purchase; second, non real time consumption; third, the number of more

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