Tourism is also the countryside farmhouse tourism website why move users

Internet giants of the business are playing micro business in the city to the countryside, not easily hot in rural areas, rural electricity supplier to open counter attack…… When the one or two or three or four line city Internet plus the layout of the Internet has gradually become saturated, when immersed in rural life, rural land market, will become the new cake in many industries.

from the electricity supplier to the rise of tourism farmhouse

According to the

China Tourism Research Institute, incomplete statistics, only 2016 Spring Festival travel will reach about 5 million 700 thousand to 6 million people, if we estimate the per capita travel costs 15 thousand yuan, domestic tourists during the Spring Festival just 7 days off the outbound travel had arrived at the cost of 90 billion yuan.

National Tourism Administration in September last year issued a notice of the implementation of the tourism + Internet action plan.

policy to meet market demand, exit, as well as a variety of closer to the nature of the farmhouse tourism has become the current tourism + Internet breakthrough.

more and more villagers started, more and more villagers began to understand the Internet, began to become the majority of the rural whitewashing business platform, online medical, and Internet financial enterprises’ advertising platform, with the Internet increasingly intrusive, composition and the people’s living standard is increasing year by year, go out to travel, a new kind of enjoyment it has become a representative of the quality of people’s life.

In addition to this, the

can be more attractive to the way of travel or some of the pressure from the big cities, they need too close to nature.

to have the farmhouse tourism website doorway what impress users

rural tourism network, China rural tourism ( and so on a series of farm tourism websites have sprung up, but how to really impress users


you are not BAT, can not play big, the most important thing to do is to start from the personalized travel, starting from the farmhouse color, for the user to build a walk to go on a pleasant trip.

do not play Chengdu Qingcheng, walk around the mountain Jiangjin, the cost is not high, do not worry, not afraid of people too difficult to climb, the scenery is full of fairies, natural light; not to sunshine global sea, with a group of people struggle to enjoy a sea of water, to taste the sunshine blue sky, blue sea, green space and somewhere in the forest one of the odd…… There are many famous tourist attractions, is really beautiful, but only because people become more so they lost the aura of natural possession, and type of farmhouse tourism website can avoid weaknesses, using more natural attractions to impress users that a tired heart.

features and convenient integration of rural tourism in China also has a large market

beauty and accommodation, plus convenient transportation, coupled with the food is certainly the best, however, the integration of tourism information services, will also become the largest rural tourism market.


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