Domain name speculation really can overnight When the domain name

price from Google acquisition of Google domain name has come to speculation on the Internet domain name is a very profitable industry, a large number of investors into the industry. Later, the high price of Chinese domain names in Shanghai to find buyers, journey to the West.Cn 580 thousand bid is cited media attention. Now: "Xiao Shenyang", "not bad money" domain name has been registered. It is reported that the transfer of the domain name registered at 50 thousand. Domain name speculation really can

overnight?Let’s buy

from the point of view: Baidu, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other hundreds of well-known websites, which is bought "journey to the west,".Cn.Cn "Shopping Festival", "golden week.Cn", which is bought up the domain name star development. Not a Google to buy a Google, and people buy Google has been worth billions of dollars. Not to mention the acquisition of Google developed the domain name. Where do you want to collect the domain name? Ha ha this thing to when also cannot become the cultural relic.

again from the registration point of view: if you say which people Google which sold millions of dollars a huge amount of money, huh, huh, which is purely a coincidence. The probability or the equivalent of more than tens of millions, the odds of winning the lottery have tens of thousands of times. There is only one Google in the world. Of course, other domain names have a lot of successful transactions. But the chances of success are small. Like this "journey to the West.Cn", "Xiao Shenyang", "not bad money" how much meaning.

network speculation era has passed. What investment is to have a vision. If ten years ago, you registered dozens of 3 digit digital domain names. COM or dozens of less than five in the good name of the Pinyin domain name. COM, now you must be millionaires. In fact, two years they also hold the investment domain name can make a lot of money to buy some heart Chinese domain name, but a few months I was Chinese identification of domain name, you know money dashuipiao. Now the Internet users are accustomed to the English domain name. It seems that people are accustomed to using the Internet search Baidu. All in all, the network flourishes does not exist already, you should wake up – blind investors.

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