The service life of landing nternet plus and O2O new media opportunities

Recently the Internet

+ + and O2O new media and popular, and the high court of Henan cloud Tencent signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides "Internet plus" to reach a comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation, jointly explore and find more judicial public and business development mode, this also indicates that the Tencent is to promote the Internet plus government.

the news seems to be the big play, actually still runs for local website owners groups have great reference significance, the Henan high court is currently under the jurisdiction of 19 intermediate courts and 163 basic courts, the year 2014 accepted the case of more than 81 pieces, the number of cases in the top five, and the Tencent recently strongly promote cloud computing technology, massive Internet service experience, to provide a variety of Internet scenarios for high-quality services, Internet plus government has yet to have a giant involved, it is the first time in china.


is a traditional Internet resources, is a new era of technology of sinking landing, this life service landing also told us at present Internet plus and O2O new media opportunities in the three or four line of the city has a considerable market share, this is the chance I have said the local or local new website with the development of media, the future development of the Internet technology and hardware equipment, more life service will rely on cloud service solutions.

cloud Tencent began gradually to open since 2009, readers are using or indirect use cloud services provided by the Tencent, the Henan High Court and the Tencent cloud also opened the first cooperation in cooperation with the Internet Co Tencent Court precedent, believe that the future of the people of Henan will be on the Internet for related matters, and it is reported that the Henan high court action network in August the Tencent will migrate to the cloud, with the whole process of the whole life cycle of the cloud service procedure.

Internet plus the traditional enterprise reform to promote the

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court is just a small case, ordering, watching movies, buy coupons have become a part of the life, such things can only solve the current online, you can use the Internet or mobile Internet, there are many aspects of the current new media breakthrough opportunities, such as local, local, local driving school training institutions catering are consumer service industry, the market is large, the future can also catch, accurate user groups to achieve a monopoly in the field.


court of national institutions to enter the cloud to run through Internet plus, this new attempt to change people litigation difficult dilemma, reform will also apply to other Tencent system, cloud computing technology in this field and more than and 10 years of Internet product service capacity, or to bring people in addition to the current China Online entertainment, can cut the aspects of life.

daily consumption scene as a small city has not yet been excavated direction, so that the current operation of local sites and new media individuals or teams get >

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