Difficulties and solutions of industrial products online trading

now, the mall of industrial products is growing like a thick, but in fact, not much profit. Because MRO online supermarket and other online shopping mall is not the same, industrial products have its particularity. Analysis of the current status of industrial products online shopping, the main problems in the logistics.

industrial long-distance logistics of low cost, short the high cost of logistics and industrial products in the face of online supermarket near the road. What to do? So, online industrial supermarket is not as we expected will be smooth, and the reality of the hardware supermarket, meet all kinds of difficulties. For example, the hardware products in the industry of mechanical and electrical goods, the long-distance logistics are basically large quantities, fixed point transport, relatively low cost. The logistics management is different, because the factory location city MRO customer purchase outside the country, each batch purchase and size, the logistics cost is up high. As a result, the Industrial Products Mall proud puerile was cut the cost of logistics.

In order to solve this problem,

needs to form a complete industrial supply and marketing network, so that most parts of the country are covered by their own logistics and distribution network. This will solve the problem of logistics and distribution of industrial products.

online information efficiency and fast heavy marketing, line service to MRO brand sharing, resource sharing, revenue sharing, create a transparent, open and compatible, coexistence and win-win integrity of industrial alliance. The domestic industrial products mall at this stage need to strengthen and enrich their own strength, improve and perfect customer service service, logistics and marketing, all aspects of hardware and software facilities and service conditions for industrial buyers save up the cost of creating the largest profit for industrial products suppliers.