Express and record 7000 enterprises arena fighting seven hundred billion market

this is a story full of rivers and lakes, life, or death, come so suddenly. As if overnight, was sitting on the 25 thousand army Shanghai CCES express company (hereinafter referred to as "CCES") is the industry and ashes to ashes, the top ten courier company has not yet completely out of the collapse of clouds, in new Zhejiang but three months of the strong express then sounded the assembly, the original CCES express to join taking all data to the arm, and one will spread to the business on both sides of the Changjiang River corps.

so the ups and downs of the handover is just a microcosm of life and death Chinese express market staged in this market, up to 700 billion huge cake around, also attached over 7000 domestic express business license.

it is worth noting that this is not all.

in the fierce domestic expansion of private express delivery companies is fierce fighting, the background of the country’s China courier (hereinafter referred to as "EMS") and other foreign companies China coveted market also rolled up his pants big advance. Among them, EMS is still listed by force, and foreign giant FedEx (FedEx) and the United Parcel Service (UPS) two leaders of the State Post Bureau to submit the domestic express business license has entered the countdown.

prelude to a new round of confrontation has half open, or will not be long reign of terror.

and private capital

in the field of logistics in China, private capital is undoubtedly the most active group. The habit of hiding in the spotlight behind the helm are or as knight, or hermit writing the electro-optical flint arena.

50 year old

Chen Ping describes himself as a "Quixote" type of figure, the former Zhaijisong (micro-blog) founder also appears in dozens of years of experience with the change of private capital in mapping landing the domestic express industry.

"my family, there is a magic gene, this gene can lead me from failure to success." Chen Ping interview with this reporter, said. The obstinate man stressed that although jibian stars operation failed, but he also rallied a comeback, ready to life third venture.

2008, Chen Ping left 14 years ago founded companies ZJS, March of the following year, Chen Ping left on the hands of 20 million re establishment of jibian stars, has announced that the two venture team, capital, experience, and first proposed for the rise of online shopping services proposed "cloud delivery" business dream. As for the Internet package business, information storage, integrated operators, to build business platform for the electricity supplier and the courier company of Integrated Company, and predicts success in 3 years. Until 2010, jibian stars as a "dark horse" in the country take cities and seize territory.

is also this year, in the domestic aspect 14 years of large-scale private express delivery company DDS because of funding strand breaks between night Hugh door closed, "