Do Taobao guest day to 200 experience sharing

Taobao off for 3 months, to see Ali mother forum to share the experience of predecessors about every day, they like by Taobao customers earn thousands or even tens of thousands of monthly income, heart is really envy or not, dream about the day can like the master that the monthly income of 10000 yuan, even if only a few thousand dollars can also be


forum posting publicity, QQ publicity, build a blog to write soft Wen propaganda, almost every method is used, did not see the income rise, the heart is really very disappointed. When I was to leave Taobao off, I suddenly thought, I can’t give up, I will stick to it, Sima Qian wrote by castration "historical records", Goethe took 60 years to write Faust, they are not stick to it has made great efforts to


so I take the time to do a website, add data hard everyday, add a chain, but also to learn predecessors station network SEO technology. After Baidu included more traffic, have changed much, a few days before finally a single transaction, earn 200 yuan, can give me heart broken! A few months of hard work paid off, it is called a heart have mixed feelings.


after making money, afraid to be happy alone, to share the experience of the site for the Taobao SEO, I also summed up some experience for your reference:


1 the best choice of targeted, such as the name of some Taobao customers selling products, such as green vegetables and fruit slimming capsules and so on, high commission, and also searches, the conversion rate is high.

2 web site keyword density is high, if your site to optimize the green vegetables and fruits to lose weight capsule this word, so in the web page appear in the word several times, the best title also appear.

The chain

3 website to be strong, a SEO master once said that content is king, the chain for the emperor, to know that the chain is very important for SEO, the source of the chain is generally Links, soft, BBS signature, buy links etc..

4 must insist that you do not succeed, does not mean that you will not succeed, but you give up now, it means that you failed. You feel confused now, but is included poor, no traffic and not to earn money, but you have to know the search engine has a sandbox, it is for the new test, this period website ranking is not very good, but as long as you go through this period, you will feel included will increase to obtain the very good ranking.

share my experience has been finished, my new website is to lose weight if you want manual, okay, you can help me keep a reprint link