Micro electricity supplier to fight on the line! Buy new mode

a new model of group buying – fight, is gradually entering the public view, and constantly attract the attention of consumers. Fight group, it is quite popular at present buy new pattern. Following the market trend, the development of pig CMS micro electricity supplier to fight the League model is also on the line recently.


multi-level fight to meet the business needs of

pig CMS micro electricity supplier to fight the League model to support the establishment of multiple levels of business indicators, easy for fans to fight. The number of the fight with the purchase price by the merchant in the background according to the needs of custom settings.

, for example, such as the small open Hot pot shop, the fight business is divided into 3 stages: the first stage fight fans fight groups, the number reached 10, you can enjoy the fight at a price of 58 yuan; two mission to fight fans fight group number reached 20, fight for the price of 48; three mission to fight, fight groups number up to 30 people, the price is 38.

multi level set of spells, not only conducive to the flexible operation of the business store, but also for the fans to provide a wealth of choice.

two kinds of collage form, allowing fans to pick

pig CMS micro electricity supplier to fight the group function, to provide fans with two types of fight.

: the form of popularity fight fans, will fight to the level of price to fight groups. When the number of players to participate in the formation of a certain level (such as two), the store will automatically return the difference for the fans (Level 1 spell price 58, level 48). If the fight time, the number did not reach the minimum target (level I), then the group declared failure. Store will automatically return the amount of fans to fight the group.

best fight group: fans arbitrarily choose to join the ranks of the group, such as the two level of 20 yuan of the battle of the group level. When the fight to reach 20 people, or has reached the level of the level of 30 people fight, fans will be the most preferential level to win the fight group of three. When the team did not meet the number of fans selected two indicators (20 people), even if the minimum indicators meet the requirements (10), fans of the fight is still declared ineffective.

no matter what kind of choice of the group, fans can share, invite more friends to participate in. For businesses, fans fight for the group to share, will bring a lot of business rose powder and spread.

background free operation, fight the group to master

in order to facilitate the operation of the business group, pig CMS secretly opened for businesses.

hanging open the first one: set the starting number of people. In order to attract fans to participate in fight groups, a small increase in the number of points in the heat, it is still very necessary. The clever use of fans of consumer psychology, quietly open a hang, let fight booming to turn up.

open hang second recruit: forced open group. When the number of fans to participate in the fight did not meet the requirements of the group, the merchant can choose whether to force >