The deconstruction of China providers the winter capital Tanchun tour VS

in 1999, a lot of people the impression is "the happy youth" story in Arabia Ma, now known as the electricity supplier of Hangzhou, created a company called "Alibaba" website, since then, a Chinese business enterprise called "electronic commerce" and the birth of the business model, to catch the speeding the development of the train, heading for the altar rail to wealth.

after ten years today, e-commerce in Chinese popular, has become an inevitable choice for many operators, B2B, C2C, B2C, O2O…… A series of strange nouns and their business models are becoming more and more popular and penetrate into every aspect of people’s lives.

ten years of grinding sword. Ten years, China e-commerce from being regarded as wild development to today’s mainstream, never recognized the huge venture capital injection from pure electricity supplier to the traditional companies have just unfolding the net, electronic commerce is the final sparks of fire liaoyuanzhishi. But, no one had expected, the China hurricane electricity supplier, in 2011 year of fate suffered embarrassment, has begun to enter the winter, and today, there is still no signs of recovery.

electricity supplier capital winter

is known as the "light only a short while ago, the Internet company", a new business model Chinese business, attracting countless fans fought in the ocean, and have spawned a number of chase electricity supplier in the wealth of the road dedicated dreamer, and the geometric characteristic of the electricity supplier of fission growth created at that time has been worthy of the name the electricity supplier dream team".

has to go to the capital, capital and accept baptism hall for the media spotlight focused on the electricity supplier star enterprise, no doubt exacerbated by your new business model cannot get rid of business pursuing greedy nature of capital since the birth of.

time to cycle to October 26, 2010. This day, known as "the first domestic B2C shares" Mcglaughlin listed on NASDAQ in the United States began to accept the scenery, favored by the capital market. After January the evening of December 8th, electricity supplier in the market for 11 years and the Chinese business enterprise, eventually the NYSE B2C left for the king’s interpretation of the story. Within six months, 2 B2C companies successfully listed, for the purpose of realizing that lit the electric dreamer hearts desire never to die to gallop listing, capital market, listed China business enterprise the roar of the desire, like the the Yellow River flood round get out of hand.

since 2009, has spread IPO message handle network, 5173, serves network, Wo Wo Group and VANCL, Jingdong, Yizhenyijia, there is rapid development desire expansion of the capital market and overnight success case.

But when

. From ancient to modern times, such is. The vigorous development of the menacing China business enterprise, but in 2011 aboard, is no longer the capital to spring subway, but "a thrilling roller coaster", from the beginning of the investment and financing environment of abnormal fire.