Open the safe passage for the rational purchase virtual enterprise e-commerce

do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret." This sentence is not only in Ma’s "wild", is the development trend of the information age. Many enterprises aware of the seriousness of this development trend, the enterprise website has become an important part of the development of e-commerce.

according to the survey data show that 80% of the world’s corporate Web site in the use of virtual host. Due to the virtual host in the cost of more in line with the needs of the enterprise site, so the virtual host to become the best choice for enterprise site.

with the development of e-commerce in the world is not expanding, the application of e-commerce is more urgent for enterprises, driven by the demand for virtual host enterprises. From this point of view, the virtual host to the development of enterprise e-commerce. So how to meet the needs of virtual hosting service providers, enterprises should be how to choose a virtual host


connection, the author visited the famous IDC service provider in Guangdong Internet era, because for many years engaged in Internet services, Internet Era ( performance that virtual host is the priority among priorities of the website operation, so the technical team tend to enhance the performance of the virtual host, according to the business needs of the development of electronic commerce, develop the virtual host of different styles, targeted, targeted to improve the performance of the virtual host. This will not only help users understand the use of different performance virtual host, but also for users to choose their own needs for the development of their own web hosting.

enterprise site selection of virtual hosts in addition to considering the performance, the price level is also listed in the consideration. In recent years, the emergence of virtual hosting service providers, resulting in a vicious competition price war. In fact, the price difference is often proportional to the input of the service provider. In general, the larger service providers willing to make investment in hardware, network resources, security, human resources, etc., so the price will be higher, but the quality of service is more secure. Therefore, enterprises in the choice of virtual host process, we must carefully consider the price.

enterprise website can have a secure and stable network environment, can serve as an important task for the development of e-commerce, which is closely linked with the company’s choice of virtual host. Suitable for their own development of a virtual host can often provide high-quality network environment to meet the needs of enterprises in the development of e-commerce on the internet.

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