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Taiwan Economic Department said the day before, false foreign name, not retroactive in Taiwan owned land program, in accordance with the shareholder structure of false declaration, open fined 24 million NT, and the deadline to stop or withdraw investment within half a year. For now Taobao is found suitable for application events to land and capital structure of the enterprise, Taobao spokesman yesterday told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter said, the relevant authorities and we have the very good communication, hope to continue to provide the best way for service to all sellers and merchants in Taiwan.

at the beginning of this year, Taiwan Economic Department of the Alibaba [micro-blog] Taiwan branch is not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the application, "hide" their "land owned" status on the grounds, ruling NT $120 thousand in fines, and require divestment. This time that Taobao should be as not as, and therefore decided to increase penalties. Taiwan Investment Commission said in 2009, Taiwan promulgated the measures for the licensing of land owned Alibaba, in this way before the promulgation in 2008 to Singapore’s name to register, is in regulations issued, to the Department of Commerce of Hongkong to apply for "Taobao Touchplus information Corp" in 2013, Taiwan Branch of process and technique and the Alibaba is exactly the same. The Investment Commission pointed out that the Taobao group in Taiwan belong to Alibaba, open land owned Taiwan policy, to Taiwan to foreign name, but not on the basis of land owned license to taiwan. The Investment Commission will consider the case, that Taobao "should be regarded as not as", decided to double open penalty, and in 6 months after the opening penalty stop or withdraw investment, and there is no local correction mode. The trial will require, Taobao Taiwan branch must deal with the company’s operations, business, employees within 6 months after receipt of documents.

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