Domestic e-commerce into a sought after foreign retailers have entered

October 18th, such a news, all over the world’s major international media headlines. That is one of the largest retailers in the United States, WAL-MART is about to enter China’s e-commerce. Through the study of the mainland market, WAL-MART found that what accelerated the WAL-MART to enter the Chinese e-commerce market. First of all, WAL-MART and the rapid growth in the mainland market, on the other hand, there is a huge potential for the domestic e-commerce market is inseparable.

in the special period of the financial crisis in the United States, WAL-MART’s business situation is not ideal, but on the other hand, retail sales in Chinese but has a rapid growth, which makes WAL-MART realize, Chinese has gradually from simple manufacturing country to change the consumption power. According to statistics, WAL-MART this retailer in the country, has opened 175 stores.

domestic e-commerce development potential

in Beijing "Chinese 2: Rise of a number of experts" superpower meeting forecast, according to the current growth rate to estimate, to the beginning of 2011, the number of Internet users Chinese will be two times that of the United states.

According to the relevant reports, China has 100 million of Internet users have been online consumption patterns, data show that last year China’s online retail sales increased by $117% to $39 billion. Another industry forecast mechanism, in 3 years, China will have 2/3 of the people will use the Internet, and now China according to the rise of online shopping market, means that there are tens of thousands of netizens in the investment of e-commerce consumption crowds every day. It goes without saying that this market has unlimited temptation.

of course, in general, China’s e-commerce is still in a relatively early stage, many of the relevant norms and systems are not perfect, many hardware settings can not keep up with the development. So, for now into the domestic e-commerce industry, but also to take into account how to better combine China’s national conditions for development.

e-commerce legislation at home and abroad

e-commerce in China began in 1997, is a technology driven". The concept of electronic commerce and business application before the electronic development, "Enlightenment" is IBM IT vendors, Internet and electronic commerce technology need to "pull" the business needs of enterprises, and thus lead to the development and application of electronic commerce China.

is now a lot of traditional enterprises "to be pulled into the e-commerce industry, has to be used, saying it is" drive a duck onto a perch".

from the perspective of the current development of the developed countries, it is from a strategic point of view to develop and standardize the norms of e-commerce legislation.

, such as the United States, it focuses on the continued growth of the economy in twenty-first Century, the Clinton administration’s second term is the main task of the development of e-commerce. Belongs to the active, prepare in advance, it.

of course, WTO has also carried out the corresponding norms guide. Trade with WTO

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